Saturday, 31 December 2011

HBIC YIR - Part Two

We're back with Part Two of the HBIC Year-In-Review. We have a number of topics that dominated the news in hockey during the second half of the year, and HBIC touched on a number of them. From head shots and concussions to the return of the Winnipeg Jets to historical looks back at the NHL, there were a ton of stories that made headlines on HBIC this year. These are the stories that I found most notable from July 1, 2011 until December 31, 2011. Starting tomorrow, HBIC will introduce something fun for readers to have a little fun with, and, in turn, a chance for me to have you direct this blog in a bigger way. We'll look at that tomorrow, but here's the second half of the HBIC Year-In-Review. Enjoy!

  • More NHL-WHA History - Another fascinating look at the 1970s when two leagues battled for territory and players.
  • Membership Dues - I take a long look at the exorbitant NHL expansions fees being charged, and track the increase through the years.
  • NCAA Defeats UND Sioux - The NCAA forces one of the most iconic college teams in history to change its identity because of a rule. I'm not impressed.
  • Where The Shirts Have No Names - I take a look back at when the Maple Leafs wore blue lettering on blue jerseys, making their names invisible!
  • POTUS He Was Not - More fascinating WHA stories. This league was crazy!
  • 1991 Was A Barometer - I uncover more info on the ballooning expansion fees charged by the NHL through the 1990s.
  • I'll Miss Him - After losing Rick Rypien and Derek Boogaard, Wade Belak's life is cut short as well as he took his life.
  • Less Violence = More Players - Along with a number of examples, I make a case that Canadian hockey is actually suffering because of how we play in Canada.
  • Hockey's Darkest Day - Just days after Belak's death, the plane crash in Russia occurs, killing all members of the KHL's Yaroslavl Lokomotiv hockey team.
  • When Reality Outcosts Fantasy - I am shocked and appalled by the cost for attending the Mario Lemieux Fantasy Camp.
  • Easterbrook Gets It - I commend ESPN columnist Gregg Easterbrook for his look at head shots and how they should be punished heavily.
  • Meow Mix Didn't Deliver Blues - A detailed look at how the St. Louis Blues almost left for greener pasture in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.
  • My Early Pulitzer Choice - John Branch's look at Derek Boogaard's life in hockey is simply amazing. Mr. Branch needs to be recognized for this effort.
  • Baron Von North Star - The story of how the Cleveland Barons became part of the Minnesota North Stars.
  • Eagles Abandon Nest - The story about how the St. Louis Eagles played all of one season in St. Louis before flying the coop.
  • Cam Ward Help Himself - Ward becomes the tenth goalie in NHL history to be credited with a goal after the Devils help him out.

Ok, so there are my favorite stories from 2011 on HBIC. You may differ, and that's completely cool. Discussions are great, and I really want to encourage you to speak your mind in the comments or via email. Historical articles will continue in the new year, and I'll have something fun so that you can have more fun on this blog.

Until 2012, Happy New Year, readers!

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