Sunday, 11 December 2011

Nik's Stick

I don't usually post about equipment manufacturers, but I was drawn in by Nikolai Khabibulin while watching the Oilers because of his choice of stick. His goalie stick is quite similar to those that other goaltenders use, but one major detail stuck out. His stick isn't made by Easton or Bauer or CCM. Instead, he uses a stick from a company named Torspo. I had never heard of this company, but that stick stuck out each and every time the cameras showed the 'Bulin Wall on TV. My eyes were fixated on it, so it was time to put a little effort in and find out as much as I could about this Torspo equipment.

It didn't take very long on Google to find the Torspo website, and I was impressed by the equipment I found on there that the company produces: sticks, gloves, goalie gear, and protective gear are all available through the Torspo line, so it looks like the company is slowly making a dent into the market. Again, this isn't a well-known company in North America when compared to some of the other players in the NHL equipment business, so it was mandatory to check out their website for as much information as I could find.

Torspo got it start in 1970 across the Atlantic Ocean by outfitting the famous Red Army program in Russia to the elite teams across Europe. From there, they have expanded their market to some smaller leagues in Europe, and have made the jump across the pond into North America. One of the original players that used Torspo equipment in North America was Montreal's Mats Naslund.

Today, Torspo has a few additional players using their equipment. Nikolai Khabibulin is an obvious endorser of Torspo, but the company can also boast having Igor Larionov, Sami Lepisto, and Kyle Okposo on their roster of players using their equipment. Of course, there are a number of European and Russian players using the Torspo brand, but it appears that they are breaking into the NHL with Khabibulin and Okposo leading the way.

While Torpso's market share isn't anywhere close to the more well-known manufacturers, having a great goalie like Nikolai Khabibulin using your product on television throughout Canada is a great way to get a little free advertising. I know that I first saw Khabibulin's stick on TV, and I don't doubt that others have as well.

Make sure you head over to Torspo's website to discover all their products, as well as finding out where you can pick up Torspo gear locally. There are highlights on the T-Tube, sounds of the game, and a blog awaiting its first entry.

And maybe you can be the first player on your team with some Euro-gear!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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JeffB said...

Total Hockey sells a line of KHL branded gear. I bought both the jacket and the hoody at my local Total Hockey to avoid the shipping charges. Sizes are now very limited on the jacket, but the hoody is a great piece and on sale. Now you too can look like a scout for the Russians!