Friday, 20 January 2012


I'll admit something about myself that you may not know. When I'm getting ready for work in the morning, I usually watch SportsCenter on TSN. However, certain highlight packages don't interest me, so I begin to channel surf. The one program that always stops me is OLN's ManTracker. I'm not sure if it's the thrill of watching a trained 25-year-veteran of the Alberta Foothills Search and Rescue Team hunt down people who believe that they can elude the ManTracker, but Terry Grant's knowledge of the outdoors and how to track people mesmerizes me. Season Six of ManTracker featured Phoenix Coyotes' star Shane Doan as the prey.

Shane Doan was partnered with his 23-year-old brother Brook, an electrician from Halkirk, Alberta, in British Columbia's southern Chilcotin Mountains as they attempted to avoid Terry "ManTracker" Grant and his partner, local hunting guide Russ Floyd, across 37 kilometers of mountain terrain. Personally, I'm pretty sure I'd get caught in about 10 minutes by ManTracker, so I was very interested in seeing how Shane and Brook did in this episode.

Thanks to YouTube, you can watch the entire episode to see if the Doans can avoid being caught! Just as a heads-up, this video is nearly 60 minutes long, so be prepared with a beverage if you want to watch from start to finish.

Pretty darn good episode, if I do say so myself! The Doans put on a pretty good show in evading ManTracker, and they'll have this achievement to talk about for a long, long time!

"It will be something I never ever forget," Shane told the camera. "For the rest of our lives, we'll have that and that's special."

"It was my Stanley Cup," Brook said to the camera.

This episode originally aired on OLN on April 17, 2011, but I had yet to see it. I'm glad that I did, though, because it really shows how good of an athlete Shane Doan is. While it may have taken him 1161 games to notch his first hat trick, the tricks used by the Doans to avoid ManTracker gave them the all-important win in BC!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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