Thursday, 5 January 2012

Highlight Reel Rolls Again

We've already seen two amazing individual efforts this season from Matt Duchene and Evgeni Malkin that are in the running for "Goal of the Year", but we need to add another candidate to that list. Mike Ribeiro's goal last night against the Nashville Predators was stunning. Ribeiro usually ends up on this list every year because he has great hands, but his inconsistency is what makes watching him frustrating. However, the creativity that went into his goal last night froze at least two players.

To the video! Here is the goal from the frist goal from the 4-1 win over Nashville that puts Ribeiro in GOTY contention.

The fact that he froze Predators defenceman Roman Josi is one thing, but he pretty much had Pekka Rinne at his mercy from the moment he stepped around Josi like he wasn't even there. That, readers, is simply awesome. Josi didn't even make contact with Ribeiro as he slipped by, and that's what makes this one a GOTY candidate.

Of course, there was another pretty big goal scored tonight as Sweden killed a 31-year drought in winning the 2011 World Junior Championships. After Andrei Makarov had stoned the Swedes for 57 saves through three-and-a-half periods, this is the goal that sealed the deal for Sweden.
Ottawa Senators prospect Mika Zibanejad showed great wheels on that burst of speed to pick up the loose puck, and then showed great hands in shelfing the puck over Makarov. Zibanejad played his nine games with the Senators this season, recording no points, before being sent back to Sweden. I'm pretty sure that Zibanejad isn't complaining about the extra time to prepare for his NHL career now.

Two more goals to add to the highlight reel of "Goal of the Year" candidates. What say you, readers: which has been the best goal thus far? Have I missed any that should be on the list? Have your say in the comments!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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