Thursday, 14 June 2012

Playoff Pulse Winner

The votes have been tallied. The results are in! Ok, there weren't any votes, but the twenty or so readers who sent in entries for the Playoff Pulse Prize Pack, brought to you by CBC and Microsoft, put up some creative works. I have to say that HBIC's readers are pretty awesome in coming up with some ingenuity. Tania D. and I looked over the submissions, and we have decided upon a winner based upon creativity, originality, and ensuring that entrants were following the Playoff Pulse page on both Facebook and Twitter!

In speaking with Tania, we decided upon three finalists. All three had very original and creative ways to get their XBoxes into a picture with the "HBIC NHL XBox" message in the picture. One image, in fact, almost won the competition on its own, but Tania needed to see that the marketing message was heard. Unfortunately, that image would not be enough to bring home the prize pack as the entrant liked the CBC Facebook page and followed CBC on Twitter instead of committing to the Playoff Pulse page.

Here are the images that won the contest. If you click on them, you can make them larger so you can really investigate the pictures. Congratulations go out MICHAEL who won the Playoff Pulse prize pack from CBC, Microsoft, and HBIC!

See how Michael wrote HBIC in NHL team logos?
Creative and original!

Michael liked the Playoff Pulse page on Facebook.
Michael followed the Playoff Pulse page on Twitter.

I was impressed with Michael's idea of spelling HBIC in team logos. Who doesn't like to see a little shameless ego stroking on an entrant's part, right? And Tania gave Michael's entry two thumbs-up for his creative image and his use of social media to follow the Playoff Pulse page. All in all, Michael's entry is good enough to earn himself the Playoff Pulse prize pack!

JAY, your picture of you dressed up in your hockey gear definitely was great due to the fact that you took the picture with your XBox. Your entry would have definitely won had you sent in the Playoff Pulse page screenshot showing that you had followed the page through social media. Well done, though! Keep watching for more contests like this so I can get you a prize in the future!

Michael, if you're reading this, email me ASAP your mailing address and I'll get that prize pack out to you! I'll email you later this week as well regarding this. Well done, sir!

More contests will be happening on HBIC as I'm still compiling prizes to be given away all year! HBIC's fifth anniversary is all about thanking the readers, so stay tuned to this site for your chance to win some cool gear!

I do want send out a big thanks to Tania D. from High Road Communications for coordinating this effort. Her work with Microsoft and CBC really brought this together, and HBIC welcomes her contributions and collaborations on any projects in the future. Thank you, Tania, for everything!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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mtjaws said...

Yeah!! Thanks for selecting me as the winner! I knew creativity was going to be an important part of the contest, and the "HBIC" part was where I could create something unique. I started looking at the hockey logos at the top of the page, and found the perfect letters to use. Since I had to crop the Montreal "H", I decided to crop the other logos, but keep enough to make them recognizable. And the rest is history! Thanks HBIC and the sponsors.