Friday, 18 January 2013

Equipment Watch 3: Launch Skates

I haven't written about any sort of equipment in quite some time, but I actually saw a clip about a pair of skates that I had previewed some time ago. In December 2011, I had some reservations about the claims that Launch Skates was making, but little did I know that Launch Skates was on the rise. In May 2012, Launch Skates was named as one of Popular Science's 2012 Inventions of the Year! Not bad, right?

Had some no-name blogger talk about your skates? Check.
Made it into a fairly influential publication? Check.

So where do Launch Skates go from here? Well, how about appearing on Discovery Channel's Daily Planet? Normally at this point, I'd be embedding a video, but being that Discovery Channel is one of those awesome BellMedia sites, you can't actually embed their videos. Isn't that awesome?

Instead, I will provide the link to the Daily Planet episode that contains the footage of the Launch Skates in action! Honestly, the science behind the skates is actually pretty cool in terms of the springs inside the skates using the skaters weight and strength to propel the skater forward faster.

It is very interesting to hear Lucas Lawson talk about how he found that the gliding aspect was "enhanced" and that "on the turns, you can feel yourself, as you put the weight into your skate and as you move from stride to stride, it propels you to the next crossover". That, of course, means faster turns and increased speed coming out of a turn. For players who already leave a trail of fire behind them when skating, this means even more speed.

It's interesting to think that the springs in the skate could help to reduce injuries by cushioning a player's joints. Knee injuries are quite common for hockey players, and there might be some credence to the suggestion that there would be less wear-and-tear on a player's knees and ankles. I'm not sure how one would measure this, but I would assume it follows the same idea as Nike Shox shoes.

After seeing the video on how they work and hearing Lucas Lawson's review, I'm definitely coming around on Launch Skates. I was a little skeptical in my first article, but I admit that every time Mr. Blois has contacted me, he has more and more evidence to prove that the Launch Skates do exactly what they promise.

If you're looking for a boost in your game, try Launch Skates. The science makes you faster!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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