Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Hockey Night In Asia

Everyone is aware of the CBC's flagship sporting program known as Hockey Night In Canada. Often there are pieces about grassroots hockey across Canada that are inspiring and uplifting. I received an email from "Mitch and Murray Productions" about Hockey Night In Asia, a YouTube video about "[t]wo aging minor league hockey players tryout for an obscure Asian hockey league in an attempt to keep their careers alive". Interesting premise, right? So while it may not be as inspiring and uplifting as Hockey Night In Canada, I thought I'd give Hockey Night In Asia a shot.

I was intrigued to learn that the star, Aaron Craven, was one of the men behind Mitch and Murray Productions. Aaron writes,
"I'm an actor/writer and an avid hockey player and fan. Earlier this year my production company shot a short film entitled 'Hockey Night in Asia', based on a feature length screenplay that I wrote. We shot the short with a small crew in just one night and it has just been released on the web. The short will also act as a trailer as we pitch the feature length screenplay."
Avid hockey player and fan? Actor, writer, and production company bigwig? Combining the two into one? This YouTube video suddenly sounded like it could be very good based upon Mr. Craven's credentials.

Here is the YouTube video of Hockey Night In Asia, brought to you by Mitch and Murray Productions. The movie comparison on the YouTube site said, "A sports film / buddy road movie / fish out of water comedy. 'Lost in Translation' meets 'Slap Shot'." I'll let you be the judge, but be aware that there is PG-rated language in this clip!
So what did you think? I will tell you that it cracked me up a couple of times. I found it funny, and I'm hoping that Mitch and Murray Productions didn't use all the best scenes in this trailer! Well done, Andrew, on this clip, and you have a fan in me. I'm very interested to see who picks your feature film up, and when it will be released!

I'll keep in touch with Andrew about this movie, but please give your feedback on this clip! What do you think of Hockey Night In Asia? Please leave your comments below so that I may forward them on to Andrew!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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