Friday 10 April 2015

Eat It, Glendale

When the Winnipeg Jets left the Manitoba capital for the sandier horizons of Phoenix, Arizona, the Coyotes adopted something that wasn't theirs by any means. The Whiteout in Winnipeg was a playoff tradition for fans of the Jets, and it was absorbed by the Coyotes simply because they could. It's now time to correct that problem.

There was a simple mission statement posted by the Winnipeg Jets that explains why the city of Winnipeg is reclaiming the Whiteout.
It's funny that the Jets posted a mission statement outlining Winnipeg's blue-collar mentality when they defended the actions of Evander Kane for so long, but let's make one thing clear: that trade has changed the Winnipeg Jets in a big way.

This Winnipeg team, who will play one of either Anaheim or St. Louis depending on Saturday's finishes, should not be taken lightly. There will always be questions - goaltending, talent level, star power - but there is no denying that Winnipeg will feed off their home-ice advantage in having the best fans in the NHL. The players feed off it. The players will use it to make things tough on anyone who comes into MTS Centre. It will be loud. It will be chaotic when the Jets score.

Be prepared, Toronto: you might hear a playoff game if Winnipeg fans come as advertised in their collective ability to shake the foundations of their rink.

The Whiteout is back. Our city is in the NHL playoffs for the first time since 1996, and they are looking to shock the world. The city is buzzing already and we still have a game to play in the regular season. Expect to see a small Whiteout at the game against Calgary on Saturday night as the Jets get ready to roll into the playoffs playing their style of big-body playoff hockey.

Our city, our tradition. Find a new one, Glendale.

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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