Wednesday, 1 April 2015

The Fugitive

This is a plea to Andre Deveaux. Turn yourself in. End this insanity. Face the music. You can't hide forever, and you're not getting out of Sweden unless you're trekking across Europe with little regard for borders. Do the right thing and turn yourself in to the police who have issued a warrant for your arrest after your brutal on-ice attack on VIK Vasteras HK's Per Helmersson. Your hockey career is basically over, so running isn't going to do you any good. It's time to end this charade by having you walk into a police station and accepting the fate that awaits you. You did the crime, and now you'll have to do the time. It's simply the way the world works, and you're certainly no exception to the rules, Mr. Deveaux.

Honestly, there needs to be some closure on this after new video revealed that Deveaux was chatting with Rogle BK assistant coach Mikael Gath before attacking Helmersson like a deranged lumberjack hacking down a tree. While no one is implicating the assistant coach at this time, his testimony as to what was discussed between himself and Deveaux could reveal a lot about what caused Deveaux to lose his mind. The following video was sourced by Fiat_430 on Reddit from Sweden. Watch to the end to see Deveaux and Gath chatting before Deveaux commits his assault.
Regardless of what was said, Deveaux is still responsible for this heinous act, and he needs to turn himself in. This spectacle needs to end sooner than later, and the longer it goes on will only mean things get worse for Deveaux in the long run.

While Gath will certainly be questioned as to what was discussed, there's no way to prove Gath had anything to do with the attack. One person on the Reddit thread postulated that Deveaux had skated over to the bench to ask for permission to "confront" Helmersson. If Gath granted that permission, he's an accessory to this assault and should be punished as well. My guess, however, is that Gath will deny everything to save his own hide.

Regardless of what happens, the first piece of business is to have the fugitive-on-the-run turn himself in. That's entirely up to Andre Deveaux, but like his attack on Helmersson, all he's proving is how much of a coward he truly is.

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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