Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Shocked At This

That's a classic Darryl Sutter face, and it's appropriate given the calamity his team is in regarding the Los Angeles Kings no longer being in control of their playoff destiny. A lot of people will ask how the Kings could miss the playoffs considering they have nearly the same roster as last season when they won the Stanley Cup. Some will point to injuries, others will point to poor play. Los Angeles has the ninth-best power-play in the league at 19.3%, but you know who hasn't been an integral part like he has been in the past? The guy in the video below, and that's a big problem.

Last night in the game against the Edmonton Oilers, defenceman Drew Doughty scored a long-distance goal on Richard Bachman. Here's the video of said goal.
The goal is embarrassing for Bachman, but I'd be more embarrassed if I were the Los Angeles Kings. That goal by Doughty is the first power-play goal of the season by the highly-talented defenceman, and it comes in the 79th game of the season. It makes you wonder how different the Kings' season might be right now if Doughty had found the back of the net a few times this season while the Kings skated with the extra man.

Tomorrow's game against the Flames will be a Game Seven-like atmosphere for the Kings as the Flames can clinch a playoff spot with a win while the Kings need to win to stay alive. The Kings will need a big effort from Doughty as usual, but a couple of power-play goals wouldn't hurt in keeping the Kings alive in the playoff race.

If they had defeated the Oilers last night like everyone had expected, that Doughty power-play stat may have gone unnoticed for a little while longer.

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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