Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Unique Table Legs

While some may look at the image to the left and immediately think Dion Phaneuf from those legs, the actual reality is that they are table legs! There's a new product hitting the market from a company called Team Tables that features end tables with the stockinged legs of hockey players or golfers as table legs! I have seen products before that use jerseys as upholstery coverings, but having table legs resemble the legs of your favorite hockey team or golfer is definitely unique. You probably have questions about these tables - price, size, weight - and I was lucky enough to receive an email from owner Mike Brajak who answered a few questions I tossed his way. Ladies and gentlemen, here is all you want to know about Team Tables.

First, here's the promotional video that was sent to me.
As you can see in the video, the combinations are endless for how you'd like your table. The socks and skates are the real thing - NHL, AHL, and any other set of socks can be worn as long as they are available! The options for wood and finishes also varies, and buyers are encouraged to choose which finish suits their decor best. The sticks are metal-casted for additional strength and durability, and shin pads are moulded to give the best strength in the two socked legs possible. In short, the Team Tables stand own their own merit (excuse the pun)!

Team Tables stand just over two feet tall at 26 inches and have a depth of two feet at 24 inches. In other words, it's a solid end table in terms of putting a cold beverage on or holding the roster of remote controls. The hockey table weighs in at 28 pounds while the golf table holds its ground around 33 pounds making them sturdy on their three legs due to the weight. Assembly is easy as Team Tables does most of the work before it even leaves the door of the warehouse, so it arrives and can be set up under an hour!

The one thing that Mike stressed in his email to me, though, was that pictures do not do the Team Tables justice as they look better in person than in digital format. Being that Team Tables is based in Toronto, I haven't seen one in person myself, but the photos do look pretty good considering Mike's comments so there's a good possibility that they may very well look better in person that what you see to the right! Either way, I'm still pretty impressed by Team Tables in terms of the product they have shown, but there's one question we haven't answered yet for which I do have the answer.

Cost is the one thing that I haven't mentioned yet, but we need to cross that bridge. According to the Team Tables Kickstarter page, you can grab one for $349 CDN (approximately $269 USD) before they revert to their retail price of $599 plus applicable taxes and shipping costs. If you're looking to beat the Christmas rush with a unique gift, I suggest jumping on the $397 Kickstarter level that will get a Team Table in your home before Christmas hits!

Ok, I'm not going to sugar-coat the obvious here. It's a pricey investment for a sports-themed end table for the average consumer. The Team Tables Kickstarter page is probably your best option at getting a Team Table for less than $600, so start rolling any extra coins you have to help you in your quest for your Team Table. However, I can guarantee that unless there's a case of keeping-up-with-the-Joneses going on in your neighbourhood, you'll most likely be the only one on the block in their TV room with a Team Table!

One of the major highlights for me in learning about Team Tables is that they are Canadian-made! Team Tables is based in Toronto, Ontario, and they have arranged for suppliers in and around the Greater Toronto Area to be ready for orders so that turn-around times are within 30 days! It's always nice to see a Canadian company getting a push, and Hockey Blog In Canada is happy to be giving them that push!

There are all sorts of price options on the Team Tables Kickstarter page for all sorts of cool things, but let's be honest when we're talking about Team Tables because it's all about the tables. If you have a rec room or a team-themed room, one of the Team Tables could be the final piece in your sports cavern to make it complete! Nicole, Mike's wife, stated in regards to the founding of Team Tables, "It had to be cool and decorative but at the same time something he would cherish; it's not an easy find for someone who has everything."

Cool? Yes. Decorative? Yes. Unique? Absolutely. Hit the Team Tables Kickstarter page and pick yourself up something awesome while supporting a great Canadian company! Team Tables is literally leaving it all on the table with this product!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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