Sunday, 30 August 2015

Where I Am Today

Pictured to the left is what I was involved with today. Actually, it was all weekend. I had a blast this weekend coaching a women's team in the Provincial Championships. While the picture to the left isn't the team I was coaching, the ladies showed the same heart and teamwork to carry them to a 3-0 round-robin record on Saturday to set up the semi-final with a shot at the return encounter with the odds-on favorite in the final today. This team is a lot like the current Blue Jays - incredible offence and solid defence, but they are prone to a bad inning here and there.

Because I'm out in the baking sun today for hopefully two games, HBIC is take a breather for this Sunday. I can't necessarily say we'll win it all, but we've got a solid team who has been pounding the ball and scoring runs in bunches. We'll need to tighten the defence up a little if we're going to beat the odds, but the offence certainly made up for the few defensive miscues we had in the field. That needs to continue today, and I'll certainly be forcing players to be aggressive on the base paths.

It's championship Sunday on the ball diamonds! I'll get back into hockey tomorrow!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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