Friday, 18 January 2019

2019 Starts With Music

It's been a few months since I've posted an article of this type, but I felt like cleaning out one of the folders on my computer this week. It's a new year, it's probably a good time to clean up a little, and I have been holding onto a few of these pictures for some time. That being said, a Musicians in Jerseys article always is a little fun as well, so let's get started with music's most popular acts and their wearing of hockey jerseys!

The NHL Winter Classic this year featured the Boston Bruins and Chicago Blackhawks in vintage jerseys, and two of the bands who played the Winter Classic festivities also donned the throwback Blackhawks jerseys! 97Nine was one of the two bands who did so, and Stache was the second band who wore the full regalia of Chicago's pro hockey team!

The Buffalo Sabres can add a few bigger names to their roster of musical fans. Every Time I Die is an American hardcore punk band from Buffalo, and they've shown their roots by taking the stage in Sabres uniforms. Classic hair band Def Leppard rolled through Buffalo, and all members of the band received their very own Sabres jersey. Jonathan Cain of Journey wore a Sabres jersey on-stage in Buffalo. Machine Gun Kelly wore his own personalized jersey while performing in Buffalo. And in what might be the biggest coup, the Sabres have both James Taylor and Bonnie Raitt as fans!

The Minnesota Wild saw a trio of musical acts join their fanbase. I know hockey in Mexico is a growing sport, but I was a little surprised to see Marco Antonio Solis with a Wild jersey of his own! She may be from California originally, but it seems that Hailee Steinfeld is right at home in Minnesota. And the final act received their own personalized jerseys as the Smashing Pumpkins posed for pictures in Minnesota!

Pete Wentz, bassist for Fall Out Boy and current solo act, decided to take the stage in what appears to be a former John Tavares jersey as he looked to curry favor with a Long Island crowd.

We've had a few Gene Simmons images on these entries along with a few KISS photos, but what about one solely of Ace Frehley? Here is the rocker in a New York Rangers jersey!

The Vegas Golden Knights are still adding more fans thanks to their city being an entertainment destination. All five Backstreet Boys are now certified as Golden Knights fans. Blink-182 are part of the Golden Knights fanbase. Li'l Jon is already on the list, but the Blue Man Group can be added as hometown fans! And I posted the John Fogerty photo of him in a Vegas jersey before, but here's the reverse with his name on the back!

The Wahlbergs may have grown up in Massachusetts, but when they opened a new Wahlburgers restaurant in Pittsburgh they were the recipients of their own jerseys! Donnie, who was part of New Kids on the Block, and Mark, once known as the lead singer for Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch, are the musicians of note.

He's not new to the list, but he certainly is wearing one of the newest jerseys. Keith Urban played a recent set in Winnipeg where he donned the new Jets alternate jersey!

We almost always see a Nashville Predators musician on here thanks to their city being a music hub for singers, songwriters, and producers. Today is no exception as Maren Morris makes an appearance in Predators colours! Her jersey was personalized for her!

Jesse McCartney is usually shown in the stands at Staples Center, but he accepted the opportunity to sing the national anthem prior to a Kings game and got himself an LA Kings jersey!

I had no idea who Angelica Hale was prior to writing this article, but the Filipino-American from Atlanta, Georgia was the runner-up on the 12th season of America's Got Talent! It seems the Ottawa Senators recognized her talent because she sang both anthems prior to a Senators game!

If you're unaware of who Bastien Baker is, you're in the same boat of me. According to his biography, he was born Bastien Kaltenbacher in Lausanne, Switzerland, and he's a singer, songwriter, and was a judge on the third season of The Voice Belgique! His father, Bruno Kaltenbacher, was a pro hockey player in Switzerland, and Bastien was aiming to follow in his father footsteps as a kid as seen in this photo wearing a Bruins jersey! I'd say the music career is a good alternative as he's found himself with a number of hits in Europe!

He's a constant on the sidelines at Toronto Raptors games while his dad was a popular member of the Toronto Maple Leafs. Max Domi presented one of his Montreal Canadiens jerseys to Drake while Drake was in La Belle Province! And in one of the more iconic shots that I've seen, the late Freddie Mercury, whose popularity has skyrocketed once again thanks to Rami Malek's portrayal of him in Bohemian Rhapsody, is seen here wearing a Montreal Canadiens ball cap! How cool is that?

Tara Slone is a regular here as well thanks to the numerous jerseys she dons as the host of Rogers Hometown Hockey, and she recently wore a breast cancer awareness jersey of the OJHL's Burlington Cougars!

Finally, we'll jump over top the KHL where it seems like Jokerit is doing a lot of on-ice work with musicians! The guys from the Red Hot Chili Peppers hopped on the ice to do a little skating with the team. Drummer Chad Smith and guitarist Josh Klinghoffer skated alongside Jokerit GM Jari Kurri before being presented with their own jerseys!

If you're not aware of supergroup Hollywood Vampires, the three men who formed the group in 2015 were Johnny Depp, Alice Cooper, and Joe Perry. Yeah, that's a ton of star power when it comes to who is on-stage, and they took their act on the road through Russia where they made a stop in St. Petersburg. The three men would receive their very own SKA St. Petersburg jerseys on that stop!

So that should be a good start to the year when it comes to musicians in hockey jerseys, right? It will have to be because, honestly, I'm out of pictures at this point. In any case, if you have images you want me to include from concerts, please send them here.

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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