Wednesday, 6 November 2019

Stars Honour Their Past

The Dallas Stars did a little unveiling of their own today after the Nashville Predators got things started a few days ago with their Winter Classic duds. The image to the right is how the Stars looked following the switch to Reebok, and I believe the majority of the hockey world wanted to know why the Stars started a university team. Thanks to that unimaginative redesign, it prompted the creation of "Victory Green" and a rather good-looking jersey and logo as the Stars moved back into the world of respectable looks. Would their recent upward trend when it comes to their uniforms continue with the Winter Classic uniform today?

Like the Predators did in honouring the Nashville Dixie Flyers, it seems the Stars went back in their city's history to find inspiration with their Winter Classic uniform as they drew upon the old Dallas Texans who called the city home in the 1940s. The Texans played in the United States Hockey League from 1945-49 at the Dallas Ice Arena, but they never won more than 27 games and only advanced to the second round of the playoffs once in their four seasons. For what it's worth, only the Houston Huskies won the Paul W. Loudon Trophy as league champions, and all three Texas-based teams - Dallas, Houston, and Fort Worth - folded in 1949. It was a short existence for the Texans, but they did boast former NHLer Bud Cook as their head coach in the final two seasons.

So how did the Stars honour their past?
As you may be aware, I am a huge fan of green uniforms in hockey, so the Stars started off well with their choice of a green uniform to play in on January 1. Like the Texans, they used the large "D" in the middle background of their logo while writing "Stars" across the chest just as the Texans did. I understand the usage of the star in place of the "A", but that seems a little superfluous. The use of the brown gloves recreates the old-time hockey feel, and the white breezers should hold up fairly well after watching the Capitals play in a Winter Classic in white pants.

The state of Texas patch on the arm is a nice touch that doesn't distract from the jersey, and the simple design really gives way to a traditional feel of a sweater. Honestly, this is a great jersey, and I am actually excited to see both the Predators and the Stars on the ice come New Year's Day!

Thoughts on how the Stars and Predators will look? Do you like the Winter Classic jerseys? Leave those thoughts in the comments below!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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