Tuesday, 13 October 2020

A Screeching Halt

When I began this little October project of examining the last 25 years of predictions by The Hockey News, I never once thought about the sequence of the years since I had all the annual Yearbooks that The Hockey News had produced since the 1995-96 season. I use them when looking for information about players with the vast amount of information The Hockey News puts into their team reviews, and they were extremely useful for sourcing jersey numbers for jerseys I want customized. Needless to say, I use them as a resource for a variety of reasons, so keeping them around is something I plan to continue to do.

That brings me to today where I was about to embark on the 2005-06 predictions made by The Hockey News only to find that the 2005-06 Yearbook, along with the 2006-07 Yearbook, were missing from the chronological order in which I keep the magazines!

The shock to discover this was a bit of a head-scratcher because I needed to remember where they had gone if I was going to complete this self-imposed project here on HBIC. I do lend them out for people to use when writing papers in school on specific players or about specific topics covered in the magazines, and I suspected this was the case.

I retraced my steps to find out that I, indeed, had lent them out to a friend. The problem? Said friend now lives a long way from his original address where he first lived, and there would need to be some postal involvement to return them to me. I had asked him to send me pictures of the covers and predictions, and let's just say that I would have been better off with crayons and paper based on his photography skills.

Once I get the magazines back, this post will be revised entirely and the 2005-06 predictions today, along with the 2006-07 predictions tomorrow, will be posted in their proper places. Consider this article a placeholder for the future when I receive those Yearbooks back. If you're coming here today for that, I apologize for not resolving this before the series started, but I honestly forgot I had given them to a friend for his son to write a paper on who his heroes are back in 2007.

The fact that he found them? That impressed me even more!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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