Monday, 7 February 2022

We Didn't Trademark It

I've never really looked at my hockey ventures as being anything more than my love of the game manifesting itself in different ways. I used to talk about hockey a lot before being convinced to start a blog, and that blog led to a radio show where I can spend a lot of time talking about hockey. There have been other fun opportunities that have occurred since both of those things happened, but The Hockey Show is where I enjoy chatting about hockey with Jenna, Jason, Beans, and others while getting the chance to talk puck with some incredible people and players in the game.

As it turns out, CBC has their own version of a hockey show entitled "The Hockey Show" running during these Olympics as Harnarayan Singh co-hosts the show alongside Hailey Salvian and PJ Stock. CBC wisely has not allowed me to migrate my show to their Olympic coverage, but I wouldn't think anyone will confuse the two either.

I can say that we're not sponsored by Samsung in any way, and I doubt they've even heard of us. What I do know is that the three hosts who have been on CBC's version of "The Hockey Show" are doing excellent work in breaking down the hockey action in Beijing daily, and I've enjoyed their coverage thus far. Singh is a great mediator as the host, PJ Stock brings his usual dose of humour and hockey insight, and Salvian has some excellent breakdowns in her analysis. Overall, I believe they're doing "The Hockey Show" name proud!

All jokes aside, the three hosts work well together as they open the show to review Day Three of hockey action. I'll post the entire episode here if you want to watch it, but Singh, Salvian, and Stock seem to have some good chemistry together!

Can I just say that Kenzie Lalonde should be working in hockey as often as possible? We knew she was incredible when she was on The Hockey Show on UMFM, but seeing her daily on "The Hockey Show" on CBC has only reinforced what we knew. Just as she's done on TSN with women's hockey broadcasts, she's killing it over in Beijing as well!

CBC's Olympic coverage has always been top-notch, and I'm not surprised that this daily recap show is just as entertaining as watching the games themselves. From Brian Mudryk and Cheryl Pounder working very well together in their play-by-play broadcasts to the panel with Kate Bierness, Shannon Szabados, and Meaghan Mikkelson providing good analysis and insight to the "The Hockey Show" recapping and breaking down all the action, it feels like there is Olympic hockey information available at all times.

I don't know if we'll ever have the same stage as "The Hockey Show" on CBC, but I don't mind if they borrow the name of our radio show for a couple of weeks. They're doing a heckuva job with their coverage, and I've become a fan of "The Hockey Show" on CBC!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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