Wednesday, 24 October 2012

At Least Someone's Having Fun

Paul Bissonnette is a pretty recognizable guy. He's a prankster and enjoys a good laugh, especially when it comes at the expense of a teammate. He doesn't do anything vicious or malicious, but his pranks are pretty funny. If you've seen an episode of Punk'd, Paul Bissonnette would have been an excellent host of the NHL version of the show. Bissonnette is a valuable member of the Coyotes, though, and the fans in Phoenix and across the NHL love his sense of humor mixed with his toughness on the ice. He's a pretty special player because of these personality traits.

When the tables are turned, though, the rest of the NHL can have a giggle at Bissonnette's expense much like he does to others. At the BioSteel camp, Mike Cammalleri pulls off a pretty solid prank on old BizNasty.
Pretty good, right? If the NHL season was underway right now, this video would not exist. Cammalleri and Bissonnette play on different teams, and there's no way that they would have the time to pull of this kind of stunt on a day off. Watching Cammalleri at the end feeding the lady questions while laughing certainly made my day.

There's nothing wrong with pulling a prank like this. BizNasty is known for these types of elaborate pranks, and it appears that he had a good laugh once he figured out what was happening. Good on both Mike Cammalleri and Paul Bissonnette for being able to laugh a little while the game of hockey is AWOL.

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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