Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Still Missing Hockey? Me Too

With the NHL regular season start scheduled for Thursday, it seems like there's a big piece of my social, sporting, and television lives that is missing. I love watching hockey on TV when I get the chance, and I always try to talk puck whenever I can with friends and family. Honestly, I've been looking in other places to find good hockey action, but the NHL's offering was always so readily available. So with the NHL already having cancelled the first two weeks of the season, and it seems as though more will be cancelled as the days and weeks roll on, I'm forced to continue to search elsewhere for my hockey fix.

While I know that these won't really satisfy anyone's hockey needs, I did find a couple of animated images that should make you smile if nothing else. We'll start with Walt Disney's take on hockey thanks to some visual fun with Goofy. No sound, but it's a decent animation.
Charles Schulz was a huge hockey fan unbeknownst to a number of people, and it always seemed like Charlie Brown was on the ball diamond. However, he routinely had the Peanuts kids skating in the winter, so you knew he had a sense of the game. Here's a great animation of Snoopy freaking out in the penalty box that makes me believe that Schulz understood the game of hockey very well.
Snoopy's various reactions to the referee made me laugh the first time I saw this animation. Honestly, it's almost if Mr. Schulz watched every player in the penalty box in a season, and then animated Snoopy with all of their reactions!

While this is far from satiating the appetite of any hockey fan, I found these two animated images to be very good at bringing back some childhood memories while evoking a few chuckles. Hockey is still going to be found on television - it's just a question of where and when. I'll make due, but it feels like something is missing out of my life right now.

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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