Friday, 12 October 2012

Bet On A Few Laughs

Over the last few years, I'd say that I've received dozens of emails from people looking to push some sort of gambling website. I've always refused to advertise anything for gambling websites due to the fact that it's a dangerous vice and that some cannot control the temptation of gambling. However, today might be a little different as I'm actually going to post something that has a lot to do with a gambling website because of how the information is presented. I'm not advocating anyone to gamble, but the commercial is pretty good.

Reader Alex W. sent me a quick email telling me about a video. Alex writes,
"I got to say, first that I love Hockey Blog in Canada, read it daily and it's in my RSS. I wanted to shoot you a message to see if you've seen this video with these guys playing roller hockey and these sports center guys talking sh*t? Anyway, keep up the good work."
First off, thanks for reading, Alex, and I appreciate the kind words. I try to be a blog "of the people, by the people, for the people", so I'm always inclined to check something out if it comes from a reader.

The link to the video that Alex sent is actually of some guys playing ball hockey, not roller hockey. There are two faux sports announcers who are doing some play-by-play, and they certainly make a few funny comments while calling this less-than-stellar game of hockey. Here's the video.
I had a few laughs from that video. The commentary could have been funnier, but I'm not here to critique the commercial. Instead, I'm just enjoying the idea of having play-by-play for a recreational ball hockey game. I do want to be clear, though, that I'm not in the business of promoting any sort of gambling website, so I want to post a clear and concise disclaimer if you happen to visit the gambling website:
That being said, it's a good video with a few laughs. Everyone can use that on a Friday, right? I know I can use a laugh to close out my week. Thanks for the suggestion, Alex, and thanks again for reading!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!


Robert Ullman said... in sneakers just looks really boring and pointless to me. Inlines are cheap!

Though I must admit, I did appreciate the "goaltender" names. We used to put our hockey bags in front of a big square garbage can when we'd play games with no goalie, and say that either Sackman or Dutch phenom Von Duffel were getting the nod.

Teebz said...

Inlines are cheap, but there's nothing like a good game of ball hockey, Rob. Maybe it's a Canadian thing, but ball hockey and street hockey are awesome in the winter.

As for the goalie names, I seriously laughed out loud. Von Duffel was a Leafs draft pick, wasn't he? ;o)