Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Depressing Images

I'm not going to lie and tell you that I'm ok with the University of North Dakota losing their iconic logo and name. I understand the reasons behind the move to remove the name from the NCAA's point of view, but I truly believe that the Sioux name was used for good by the University to represent the native American tribes that lived on the North Dakota plains for so long. However, the work was done on Monday to remove the imagery and names of the Sioux in order to comply with the orders. I'll still wear my Sioux ball cap with pride, but it just felt wrong looking at the pictures of the workers removing the name from Ralph Engelstad Arena.

With that work being done yesterday, the University of North Dakota begins a three-year period where they will have no team nickname as they prepare to move on from the Sioux name.

Everyone will cope and I'll eventually move on, but it just feels like a dark day in hockey with the loss of UND's identity. I'll be in Fargo, North Dakota in a few weeks, and I'll see if I can get some reaction from fans down there about the changing of the name, but I suspect that I may feel more strongly about it than others do. Hockey history doesn't take kindly to people meddling in its business, I find.

Welcome to the University of North Dakota, home of... well, we don't have a name yet. But we'll get one. Home of North Dakota hockey, for now.

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!


Mike Carlson said...

I think the NCAA are becoming ultra sensitive. The next thing you know, Washington State will not have the Cougar mascot because it was protested by 40-50s single women.

TedNes said...

I too think it is sad that strong names and images such as "Fighting Sioux" and the NHL's "Blackhawks" are looked as as deragatory references. Both the Sioux and Blackhawk logos are glorious, some of the best logos going.

Granted, MLB's Cleveland Indians with big Chief Wahoo needs to perhaps be looked at. A good friend of mine is native Canadian, living way north of Winnipeg, and teaching. He is a top notch guy, in tune with the world, and very involved. He too thinks this is crap, and that pressure put on teams such as the Sioux and the Blackhawks is counter-productive to good native relations.