Wednesday, 21 February 2007

The Best Damned Highlight Ever

The Score, a sports highlight channel in Canada, has decided that it is going to run a contest in order to determine the greatest sports highlight ever. This is an interesting contest as it lets the viewer vote by going to their website and picking the winner from the brackets they have created. It started on February 19th, and I encourage you to head over to The Score's website and cast your vote each and every day. Hockey highlights are well-represented.

Fred Brathwaite's amazing save lost out in the first match-up, but this is an amazing save none-the-less. He even had the play-by-play guys fooled.

Today's matchup features a couple of hockey plays.

Bobby Orr breaks through 2 defencemen, falls on his back, then pushes the puck from his elbow to his stick and then makes the craziest pass to Johnny Bucyk who scores.


What appears to be a harmless rush, Ovechkin gets knocked down by Paul Mara, and scores while on his back sliding away from the net. The puck was deflected twice and Ovechkin scored with one hand on the stick.

As great as Orr was, I voted Ovechkin. He shouldn't have even got a shot away, much less score a goal. And that Brathwaite save was sick! It didn't win its bracket, but that was still some highway robbery.

Ok, so go vote! And remember: keep your sticks on the ice!

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