Wednesday, 21 February 2007

Even the Pros Have Bad Days

Do you ever get the feeling that when you're having a bad day that everything sort of piles on top of you? You know, like you're running late and you find that your car has a flat tire? It's those kind of days where you're better off staying in bed. Well, don't feel bad. Even the pros have bad days. And it's even worse when it's captured on television and shown over and over again on sports highlights. Or blogs. You kind of feel bad for the athletes, but it is funny when it happens. Even worse is if the other team scores. Today, I present to you some bad days.

Oh, Patrik Stefan... this moment may define your career in the NHL.

Ok, so this isn't the NHL, but that's still pretty embarrassing.

None of the Turgeons were very good fighters, and Sylvain shows why. The comment at the end about him swimming is priceless.

The ref ruled Arkhipov scored. The NHL ruled this wasn't a goal. Someone in Toronto needs to read the rules on what constitutes a goal.

Dennis Wideman scored a 6.5 from the Kazakhstani figure skating judge.

Oh, Tomas Vokoun... where did you go? A little "how's she going", and Datsyuk makes highlight reels around the world.

Is it possible that both Lars Jonsson and Antero Niittymaki were having a bad day? My guess would be yes, since the Penguins won 8-4.

Evgeni Malkin makes Brad Lukowich's, Colin White's and Martin Brodeur's days a little worse.

There are some beauty goals in there, and a few miscues. I'm heading back to work so my somewhat-alright day can continue. I'm sure there are more funny and/or bad and/or amazing goals that made someone's day really bad. Link me to them in your comments.

Take it easy, and keep your sticks on the ice!

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