Friday, 23 February 2007

Other Goalie Fights

I've watched that Emery-Biron fight a dozen times now. It occurred to me, as I watched it over and over, that Ray Emery might be one of the best fighters the NHL has even seen when it comes to goalies. Sure, it helps that he takes boxing lessons. The point is that no matter how many goalie fights are seen, they're almost always entertaining. Why? I think it's because both goalies are doing something they never normally do, and it's a guarantee that the fight is on the highlight reel. So in honour of Ray Emery's decisive win over Martin Biron last night, here are some more masked warriors throwing fists at one another.

Dan Cloutier may suck as a goalie in terms of stopping pucks, so why doesn't he become an enforcer? Tommy Salo of the Islanders sees more haymakers than a John Deere factory in this fight.

Adam Dennis of the London Knights and Justin Peters of the Plymouth Whalers in the OHL throw some serious punches at one another.

Patrick Lalime stops Byron Dafoe's fists with his head.

A classic playoff tilt between Patrick Roy and Mike Vernon after the infamous Claude Lemieux hit on Kris Draper.

Patrick Roy tangles with Detroit's other goalie, Chris Osgood.

Martin Houle of the Philadelphia Phantoms and Adam Munro of the Norfolk Admirals do a little dancing in the AHL.

Andy Chiodo of the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins and Antero Niittymaki of the Philadelphia Phantoms do a little wrestling. I think these announcers may have hyperbolized Chiodo's "win".

Steve Shields throws some heavy rights on Philadelphia's Garth Snow.

And we'll end this little examination on goalie fights with the current heavyweight champion, Ray Emery, throwing right bombs into the face of Josh Gratton of the Philadelphia Phantoms.

Nothing like an afternoon of goalie fights. Keep your sticks on the ice, and watch out for the goalies!


Anonymous said...

I agree. I love Ray Emery. He shoots it straight, and can dance with the best of them. On the whole Sens-Sabres matchup. What a travesty. Lindy Ruff should be ashamed. Chris Drury gets hit with a clean check because he was admiring his pass and he sends out Mair and Peters against Heatley and Spezza? Wow, no subtlety there. There should be some disciplinary action there. I mean, it's not even as if there wasn't already a retribution fight with Neil. There was, it was over, and yet he sends Peters and Mair who go and cross-check and chase down the two best Senators. Why? Because Drury doesn't know how to watch for a hit? Come on. That's gutless.

Teebz said...

I think Ruff was more concerned about his 7th regular player being lost to injury. The thought is that if a tough guy takes a run at a skilled guy and the skilled guy gets hurt, the opposing team's most skilled player is going down.

As gutless as it may seem, that's the law of the land. Tough guys go after tough guys unless someone breaks rank. Then all hell breaks loose.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I know what you mean. But I don't know what he expected Neil to do, not make the hit? I don't know. It just seems like sometimes the "code" of hockey is a little ridiculous. I'm all for fights (especially ones involving Emery... I'm look for an Emery jersey now...) but it just seems like no one can accept a skilled player getting his clock cleaned with his head down.

I also love how easily something like this divides people. If Peters had hit Spezza in the same way, Ruff would be screaming that the hit was fair, and Murray that it was dirty. I mean, that basically goes without saying, but it's just funny to see human nature acted out on the ice. And the fact that the two worked together previously is also a good bit of seasoning.

Teebz said...

Both guys have been known to overreact.

I think it's a gut reaction for coaches to cry murder when one of their stars takes a brutal hit. Sather did it with Gretzky often.

But I'm looking forward to Saturday. Should be a doozy! :o)

Anonymous said...

I'll have to watch highlights on YouTube when I get back from Cuba.

This is why I can never live anywhere but Canada. I would die from lack of hockey exposure.