Tuesday, 27 February 2007

The Fallout

It's over. Officially, Trade Deadline 2007 has ended. There will be, without any doubt, some major outrage towards the fallout of this trade deadline. Edmonton fans will be calling for Kevin Lowe's head, and may end up storming the offices of the Oilers to get it. Peter Chiarelli may have some explaining to do after trading Brad Boyes for Dennis Wideman, but he may be saved by the acquisition of Aaron Ward. However, I doubt Ward has the same offensive flair as Boyes.

In any case, I'm going to run down the acquisitions and departures for each team. I'll also be adding comments, so be sure to check for those if you're scrolling through the list. This will only cover the last three days, though. Here we go.

Anaheim Ducks
Acquisitions: F Brad May (COL), D Doug O'Brien (TBL).
Departures: G Michael Wall, D Joe Rullier.

Teebz: Anaheim is going with their current lineup into the playoffs. They added a little grit in May, but they couldn't get another scoring threat.

Atlanta Thrashers
Acquisitions: F Pascal Dupuis (NYR), F Keith Tkachuk (STL).
Departures: F Alex Bourret, F Glen Metropolit, 2007 first-round, 2007 third-round, 2007 third-round, 2008 second-round draft picks.

Teebz: Atlanta is trying to keep the Southeast Division on top by mortgaging the future on Keith Tkachuk.

Boston Bruins
Acquisitions: D Dennis Wideman (STL), D Aaron Ward (NYR).
Departures: F Brad Boyes, D Paul Mara.

Teebz: Why did they trade Boyes? They have trouble scoring goals already.

Buffalo Sabres aka Barney Rubble Hairpieces
Acquisitions: D Mikko Lehtonen (NAS), F Dainius Zubrus (WAS), D Timo Helbling (WAS), G Ty Conklin (CBJ), 2007 second-round draft pick (PHI).
Departures: F Jiri Novotny, G Martin Biron, 2007 first-round, 2007 fourth-round, 2007 fifth-round draft picks.

Teebz: Getting Zubrus was big, but only getting a second-round pick for Biron is disappointing. At least he won't hurt them in the playoffs with payback.

Calgary Flames
Acquisitions: D David Hale (NJD), 2007 fifth-round pick (NJD).
Departures: 2007 third-round pick.

Teebz: Calgary's earlier trades were enough of a move for Sutter, but acquiring Hale for depth was a smart move.

Carolina Hurricanes
Acquisitions: none.
Departures: none.

Teebz: For a team on the edge of the playoffs, this was surprising. Rutherford is sticking with his guns to get into The Show.

Chicago Blackhawks
Acquisitions: F Nikita Alexeev (TBL), 2007 conditional second-round draft pick (VAN), F Jason Williams (DET).
Departures: F Karl Stewart, F Brian Smolinski, F Kyle Calder, D Lasse Kukkonen, 2007 third-round, 2007 sixth-round draft picks.

Teebz: Chicago wasn't the seller that everyone thought it might be.

Colorado Avalanche
Acquisitions: F Scott Parker (SJS), G Michael Wall (ANA).
Departures: F Brad May, 2008 sixth-round draft pick.

Teebz: Colorado must think it can make a run for 8th-place in the West.

Columbus Blue Jackets
Acquisitions: 2007 fifth-round pick (BUF).
Departures: G Ty Conklin.

Teebz: Modin signed a new contract, so he came off the market. Berard wasn't moved. The Blue Jackets are looking at the draft and free agency for younger players.

Dallas Stars
Acquisitions: D Mattias Norstrom (LAK), F Konstatin Pushkarov (LAK), 2007 third-round (LAK), 2007 fourth-round draft picks (LAK).
Departures: D Jaroslav Modry, D Johan Fransson, 2008 first-round, 2007 second-round, 2007 third-round draft picks.

Teebz: Dallas gets leadership and a big defensive body in Norstrom. However, they must think this year's draft is terrible since they don't have a pick until the third round.

Detroit Red Wings
Acquisitions: F Todd Bertuzzi (FLA), F Kyle Calder (CHI).
Departures: F Jason Williams, F Shawn Matthias, 2007 conditional, 2008 conditional second-round draft picks.

Teebz: Missing out on Tkachuk and Guerin, the Wings got Calder and Bertuzzi instead. Personally, I don't think these trades will put them over the top, especially if Bertuzzi can't play like he did in Vancouver.

Edmonton Oilers
Acquisitions: F Robert Nilson (NYI), F Ryan O'Marra (NYI), 2007 first-round draft pick (NYI).
Departures: F Ryan Smyth.

Teebz: Edmonton better hope that Ryan Smyth doesn't hold a grudge during free agency. They got zilch in return for the heart-and-soul of the Oilers.

Florida Panthers
Acquisitions: F Shawn Matthias (DET), D Noah Welch (PIT), 2007 conditional (DET), 2007 fourth-round (PIT), 2008 conditional second-round draft picks (DET).
Departures: D Joel Kwiatkowski, F Todd Bertuzzi, F Gary Roberts.

Teebz: The Panthers got a decent, young defenseman in Welch, and can use the draft picks. Not moving Belfour doesn't hurt them.

Los Angeles Kings
Acquisitions: D Jaroslav Modry (DAL), D Johan Fransson (DAL), D Jamie Heward (WAS), 2007 second-round (DAL), 2007 third-round(DAL), 2007 fifth-round (TBL), 2008 first-round (DAL), 2008 second-round (VAN), 2008 fourth-round draft picks.
Departures: D Mattias Norstrom, F Konstatin Pushkarov, F Jason Ward, D Brent Sopel, 2007 third-round, 2007 fourth-round, 2007 conditional draft picks.

Teebz: The Kings had better have the best scouting over the next two years in order to use all the draft picks they stockpiled.

Minnesota Wild
Acquisitions: F Dominic Moore (PIT).
Departures: 2007 third-round draft pick.

Teebz: Adding Moore adds depth down the middle for Minnesota for next-to-nothing.

Montreal Canadiens
Acquisitions: D Josh Gorges (SJS), 2007 first-round draft pick (SJS).
Departures: D Craig Rivet, 2008 fifth-round draft pick.

Teebz: Gorges has upside, but Rivet's toughness and leadership won't be easily replaced.

Nashville Predators
Acquisitions: 2007 fourth-round pick (BUF).
Departures: D Mikko Lehtonen.

Teebz: The Forsberg deal was their bread-and-butter.

New Jersey Devils
Acquisitions: 2007 third-round draft pick (CAL).
Departures: D David Hale, 2007 fifth-round draft pick.

Teebz: Lou is happy with his team, and got a decent draft pick in return for a depth defenseman.

New York Islanders
Acquisitions: F Ryan Smyth (EDM).
Departures: F Robert Nilson, F Ryan O'Marra, 2007 first-round draft pick.

Teebz: Garth Snow is showing that he's no slouch on the Island. Nilson was a bust, and O'Marra is a third-line player at best. The Isles stole Smyth, and will benefit.

New York Rangers
Acquisitions: F Alex Bourret (ATL), D Paul Mara (BOS).
Departures: F Pascal Dupuis, D Aaron Ward, 2007 third-round draft pick.

Teebz: The Rangers got Mara, but lost Ward who is arguably a better defenseman. The Rangers, in my opinion, downgraded at the deadline.

Ottawa Senators
Acquisitions: F Oleg Saprykin (PHO), D Lawrence Nicholat (WAS), 2007 seventh-round draft pick (PHO).
Departures: D Andy Hedlund, 2007 sixth-round, 2008 second-round draft picks.

Teebz: Adding Nicholat for depth is a smart move in the physical Eastern Conference. The Mike Comrie deal earlier in the year added the additional scoring they needed.

Philadelphia Flyers
Acquisitions: G Martin Biron (BUF), D Lasse Kukkonen (CHI), 2007 third-round draft pick (CHI).
Departures: F Kyle Calder, 2007 second-round draft pick.

Teebz: Martin Biron will be a fixture in the net for Philly for many years. Esche is most likely the odd man out since Niittymaki has youth on his side.

Phoenix Coyotes
Acquisitions: D Brendan Bell (TML), F Danny Carcillo (PIT), 2008 second-round (TOR), 2008 second-round (OTT), 2008 third-round draft picks (PIT).
Departures: F Yanic Perreault, F Oleg Saprykin, F Georges Laraque, 2007 seventh-round, 2008 fifth-round draft picks.

Teebz: They couldn't re-sign Perreault? This team will always be a bottom-feeder.

Pittsburgh Penguins
Acquisitions: G Nolan Schaefer (SJS), D Joel Kwiatkowski (FLA), F Gary Roberts (FLA), F Georges Laraque (PHO), 2007 third-round draft pick (MIN).
Departures: F Dominic Moore, F Danny Carcillo, D Noah Welch, 2007 fourth-round, 2007 seventh-round, 2008 third-round draft picks.

Teebz: The Penguins are one of the winners on deadline day. They added goaltending and defensive depth, got tougher, and acquired leadership. This team is looking for a long playoff run.

San Jose Sharks
Acquisitions: F Bill Guerin (STL), D Craig Rivet (MTL), 2007 seventh-round (PIT), 2008 fifth-round (MTL), 2008 sixth-round draft picks (COL).
Departures: G Nolan Schaefer, F Scott Parker, F Ville Nieminen, F Jay Barribell, D Josh Gorges, 2007 first-round, 2007 first-round draft picks.

Teebz: The Sharks are also winners. Adding Guerin and Rivet makes this tough team even more formidable. The Sharks may go deep in the playoffs as well.

St. Louis Blues
Acquisitions: F Brad Boyes (BOS), F Ville Nieminen (SJS), F Jay Barribell (SJS), F Glen Metropolit (ATL), 2007 first-round (SJS), 2007 first-round (ATL), 2007 third-round (ATL), 2008 second-round draft picks (ATL).
Departures: D Dennis Wideman, F Bill Guerin, F Keith Tkachuk.

Teebz: The Blues did well as sellers, getting a couple of first-round picks. The acquisition of Boyes could turn out to be a steal.

Tampa Bay Lightning
Acquisitions: D Joe Rullier (ANA), F Jason Ward (LAK), F Karl Stewart (CHI), 2007 sixth-round draft pick (CHI).
Departures: D Doug O'Brien, F Nikita Alexeev, 2007 fifth-round draft pick.

Teebz: Tampa Bay added depth, but could not solve their goaltending problems. Marc Denis will be forced to carry the team into the playoffs, a place he's never been before as a starter.

Toronto Maple Leafs
Acquisitions: F Yanic Perreault (PHO), 2008 fifth-round draft pick (PHO).
Departures: D Brendan Bell, 2008 second-round draft pick.

Teebz: Adding Yanic Perreault, who is the best faceoff man in the game today, will make a big difference for the Buds.

Vancouver Canucks
Acquisitions: F Bryan Smolinski (CHI), D Brent Sopel (LAK).
Departures: 2007 conditional second-round, 2008 second-round, 2008 fourth-round draft picks.

Teebz: Depth is always good for teams, and Nonis got his men.

Washington Capitals
Acquisitions: F Jiri Novotny (BUF), D Andy Hedlund (OTT), 2007 conditional (LAK), 2007 first-round (BUF), 2007 sixth-round draft picks (OTT).
Departures: D Jamie Heward, F Dainius Zubrus, D Timo Helbling, D Lawrence Nicholat.

Teebz: Novotny won't replace Zubrus, but he's young and fast which should work well with Ovechkin and Semin next season.

Ok, now that you've gotten all caught up on your favourite team, the stretch drive is upon us in the NHL. The action should be good, so keep your eyes on the prize, and keep your sticks on the ice!

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