Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Three Down, Twenty-Seven To Go

Mark your calendars, people. We have another team unveiling their new Rbk Edge Uniform System on June 21st, and it is an Original Six team. The Boston Bruins have unofficially announced that they are going to be doing the unveiling a day before both the Washington Capitals and the Columbus Blue Jackets. While it hasn't been announced, or even mentioned, on the Boston Bruins website, and Uni Watch guru Paul Lukas made mention of it on his Uni Watch blog.

Mr. Lukas notes on his blog that "[t]he Bruins will reveal their new uniforms on June 21st. The team was nice enough to invite me to the unveiling ceremony ('We know your views on hockey uniforms are well read and respected,' read the e-mail I received yesterday), but shlepping up to Boston on my own dime just so I can scarf some free hors d’oeuvres and take some photos that won’t be as good as the ones taken by the professional shutterbugs in attendance isn’t really my idea of a good time."

I'm all for the Original Six teams keeping their current looks. They are timeless and classic looks. I understand that this change to the "uniform system" has been embraced by the NHL in order for them to make money off Reebok and the fans, and that's why I have been against this idea from the start.

Some players have indicated that they like the new duds that Reebok is rolling out, and that's ok. Good for them. They get those jerseys for a flat rate of $0.00. Me? I'll be forced to pay through the nose to get one, and that is simply not something I am prepared to do in order to support "my team".

In any case, June 21st is now the "Big Day". Mark your calendars, folks. It could be a day of happiness, or it could be a day of anger. My hope is for the first. Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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