Thursday, 21 June 2007

Slight Change

The Boston Bruins are planning to hold a press conference today where they will introduce Claude Julien as their new head coach. It is thought that this is where they will unveil their new Rbk Edge uniforms as well. However, the image to the left is a little bit of a teaser. The Bruins' splash page has a Flash movie about their logo changing, and that's the new logo to left.

Yes, they've added a little serif to the famous spoked "B". Is it good? I tend to think that it could be good. What do I mean? Well, without a new jersey to judge it against, it would certainly work on the Bruins' old jerseys. I have a feeling that Providence in the AHL will follow suit with the serif on their spoked "P" in the AHL as well, and that's alright too.

I'm going to be busy for most of the day, but don't think that I'm not going to find an Internet connection somewhere to see these new jerseys. After the Washington Capitals "leaked" their new jersey design on their website yesterday, I anticipate that Boston will have some sort of Milan-like fashion show for their new duds.

Introducing the new Boston Bruins logo. The "Hub of Hockey" rolls on. Now if they could just find some players to bring back the Bruins attitude of the Esposito-Orr era, I'd really buy into that "Hub of Hockey" moniker. The logo, in my opinion, isn't that bad.

Until later today, keep your sticks on the ice!


Anonymous said...

Teebz - I like the change. I don't care so much about the serifs, but completing the outline between the spokes helps, in my opinion. P.s. where have you been? I haven't seen much from you over at Uni Watch. Minna either.

Teebz said...

Jon! I've been working. Longer hours and more involving work = less time for web surfing. However, I plan on making a triumphant return next week when my weeks start slowing down again.

I like the Bruins' changes as well. :o)