Thursday, 21 June 2007

That's Right: Slight Changes

I posted the new Bruins logo below on the Slight Change article I posted this morning. I said I didn't mind the new logo, and I have to say that it has grown on me throughout the day. I like the logo, and don't mind the secondary logo. They both evoke the Bruins' tradition while keeping with the "new" NHL feeling. Kudos to the Bruins for not being radical when they certainly had a chance to go off the board with their logo re-design.

As for the reason why you may be reading this article, the image to the left shows Claude Julien holding the new Boston Bruins home jersey. Yes, it looks somewhat similar to their old jerseys. This, by all means, is very good. I am a huge fan of the lace-up neckline for the jerseys. They still carry the traditional horizontal hemline at the bottom of the jerseys and across the sleeves of the jerseys. After all has been said and done, I am very happy with these jerseys, and look forward to seeing the Bruins in action next season.

Thanks to Jeff I. over on the Uni Watch blog, he provided images of both the home jerseys and road jerseys for the Bruins next season. The Boston Globe also showed off this image today which shows the entire Rbk Edge Uniform System of the new Bruins "uniform system".

As I stated earlier, I am very happy with the way the Bruins' new duds look. They are highly traditional for their new look, and certainly incorporate the familiar Bruins' look. If you're a Bruins fan, which I am not, how can you not be happy?

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see that the rumors about no horizontal lines on the jerseys didn't come to pass.

Dear Lord Stanley said...

I'm really a big fan of the Bruins' new uniforms. The logos are great, the sleeve stripes are great and the lace-up collars are great. They couldn't have done a much better job.

Too bad they're still going to miss the playoffs...