Sunday, 19 April 2009

HBIC Playoff Clean-Up

It's Sunday, and there is a ton of NHL Playoff action on the CBC today, so I really don't want to devote a lot of time away from the tube. However, being that it officially feels like spring now, it's time for HBIC to do some cleaning. What feels like an eternity of winter has moved on to more northern pastures as the warm weather moves in, and that means I need to delete and change some stuff. Firstly, I'll be going through the blogs to the right and deleting those that have not been updated in some time. I want current info from the blogs that I read, not something from December. Secondly, I'll be adding a few blogs and websites in that I really have found useful lately. Lastly, I'll point out a few things about the playoff pool as well. Get out the brooms!

There have been some blogs who have moved, and these blogs need mentioning. The always-entertaining Barry Melrose Rocks is now part of the Bloguin network. Schultz, Henning, McBrayer, and Loser Domi do a fabulous job at bringing you the hockey news with a large slice of comedy. Well worth the read at their fabulous new digs.

Cassie may have left Bolts Blog, but the people at Raw Charge should be happy about getting her contributions. Cassie is a talented writer, and Raw Charge will benefit from her addition as the SB Nation team gets a little stronger.

I want to add Stephanie's and snoopyjode's awesome site called Roaming Penguins. I linked to this blog before, but I'm officially adding it to the list over there. They have a fun site, and I really am impressed with their charitable donations through their hard work.

Blitz Corner is also being added to the list. I've read through their stuff, and it's not bad at all. While I'm not a fan of their layout per se, I do appreciate the good articles, so they'll get bumped to "the list".

So who is gone? The list is longer than who has been added.

  • Colin Timberlake? Cut. Sorry, but no updates since February.
  • Faceoff Circle? Gone. Once a week isn't that hard, is it?
  • Leahy had indicated in January that he was leaving Going Five Hole, but I held out hope. To no avail. Gone.
  • He Score, He Shoot? Loved the work, but February is a long way back. Axed.
  • Hershey Bears Blog? Doesn't even exist anymore. Gonzo.
  • Hockey Guy? Love your work, Ben Lovejoy, but need more than December's last entry. Done like dinner.
  • My Tribe? Let me know if you ever get back. Until then, you're eating up space.
  • NHL 2K9? If you ask me for a link, please update more than monthly. Clean out your desk, though. You're done.
  • Scoring For Houston? Nothing submitted since the end of February. Just not good enough.
  • Set Out Your Staal? This isn't a timeshare. I'm offering your spot to someone else.
  • Sledge Hockey Dad? As informative as your site is, there's been no update since the start of the NHL season.
  • Untypical Girls? Loved your work. Hate the fact that there is no update since Christmas.
Lastly, the playoff pool is rolling along. I try to update the previous day's games by the next day, but sometimes I'm busy. Don't worry, however. I will update everything whenever I log in to this site. And if you're worried about your point total, there is still a lot of hockey to be played. No one gets eliminated until the Stanley Cup is awarded.

I'm back to hockey. Philly leads Pittsburgh 2-0, so I need to get my rear back to the couch.

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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