Monday, 20 April 2009

Mensa Student?

I'll be honest here. Sean Avery has done a good job in pushing the Washington Capitals to the brink of their sanity in the first two games. He has been in the faces of Mike Green and Jose Theodore. He has hit Alexander Semin and Alexander Ovechkin. He has trash-talked and yapped at the entire Capitals bench.

Head coach John Tortorella has Avery playing inspired hockey, and his renaissance on Broadway has been a feel-good story after all the crap that he pulled earlier this season. He is playing the game within the rules, his chatter with reporters is clean but fun, and his teammates seem to enjoy having him around.

Which leads me to Game Three tonight. Sean Avery was in Simeon Varlamov's face all night. He was trash-talking the young goaltender every chance he got, and parked himself at the top of the crease all night. Every chance he had, Avery was yapping in Varlamov's grill.

Which is strange since Varlamov doesn't understand a word of English. Did Avery learn Russian in two days? Otherwise, why is he yapping at a player who doesn't comprehend anything he is saying, and what is he trying to accomplish? Intimidation is one thing, but trash-talking a guy who will give you nothing but a blank stare is pointless.

Then again, it is Sean Avery. Need anything else be said?

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!


Eric said...

Agreed on all points. A twenty year old goalie with under 40 starts in north america, now has to carry the weight of his team through the play offs. Avery is absolutely being smart to try to get him off his game, whether he knows english or not; it could definitely be intimidating for a young goaltender. Varlamov has been impressive, he's been a blessing for the caps thus far.

Carl said...

That post was hilarious. Think about it through, if someone is standing in front of you shift and shift and getting on you in a foreign language that could easily throw you off. Varlamov has played great in the two games he has played, and its typical Avery trying to get in the opposing goalies head. Only issue is that the guy has NO IDEA what the heck Avery is saying.

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