Friday, 24 April 2009

Just Because Of Tonight

Alexander Ovechkin is a one-in-a-million player. I can't deny how good he is when the puck is on his stick. I'm still not a fan of over-the-top celebrations like the "hot stick" routine he pulled when he scored his 50th goal this season, but the guy is a magician with the puck. He celebrates his teammates' goals as much as he celebrates his own, and it's phenomenal to see someone love the game as much as he does. And tonight, against the New York Rangers in Game Five of their opening round series, Alexander Ovechkin added another highlight to the legend. This is, without any doubt whatsoever, the goal of the playoffs thus far. And it will probably be the goal of the 2009 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs after all is said and done.

Hold on to your butts, people. This one is a beauty.

Derek Morris? Pylon. Thanks for coming out.

After all the goals he has scored, that has to be one of the best. With it being in the playoffs and how he literally breezed past Morris, that is a thing of beauty.

The key in this whole thing? It's almost as if there is an "Ovechkin Curse" on defenceman Paul Mara. Mara is a defenceman for the New York Rangers, and if you watch the video closely above, you can see #27 on the ice. However, Mara has been involved in another highlight reel goal from Alexander The Great as well.

#23 on the Coyotes? Paul Mara.

Sorry to Mr. Mara for bringing up those demons, but Ovechkin and Mara are forever a part of goal-scoring history now. This despite Mara's obvious attempts not to be included.

I'm not a Capitals fan by any means, but it's hard not to be in awe of Alexander Ovechkin. Especially after seeing goals like that.

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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