Wednesday, 15 April 2009

This Isn't Twitter

Everyone says I should be on Facebook or Twitter. Especially during the playoffs. Apparently, everyone is twittering... tweeting... whatevering as the networking service happens to make the playoffs a more dynamic time. Or so I'm told. Personally, I have no interest in either of these sites. I didn't even have a MySpace page when everyone else was pouring over that site, so I'm not about to break my trend. However, I am flipping channels as I sit here, so I've decided to post some random thoughts from the games I am watching. This should be interesting.

  • Chris Drury isn't in the lineup for the Rangers. Are they mailing in the loss?
  • Sidney Crosby has scored the first goal of the 2009 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs. Gatorade and Reebok began working on new commercials immediately.
  • Is Wade Redden a graduate of the "Alexei Yashin Magic School"? He's been invisible all season long.
  • Ovechkin looks like a man possessed. The only problem? Henrik Lundqvist is practicing voodoo in the crease. King Henry looks phenomenal so far.
  • I called America's Most Wanted a few seconds ago. John Walsh is officially putting an APB out for Wade Redden.
  • Mike Mottau - he who scored one goal all season - has New Jersey's first goal of the playoffs. Brian Burke is already on the phone with Lou Lamoriello.
  • Scott Hartnell's hair makes him look like Sideshow Bob. I'm glad he lives up to the first half of that moniker.
  • I could be wrong here, but Jose Theodore should probably take advantage of his company's vision benefits. He definitely needs glasses.
  • Just had to check the calendar. I thought it might be Halloween. FREE CANDY all over the ice in Pittsburgh.
  • Eric Staal left the ice midway through the second period. He's in the dressing room filling out a temporary restraining order against John Madden.
  • The greatest trick the New Jersey Devils ever pulled was convincing the world they didn't care. Carolina is finding out the hard way.
  • CBC's Scott Oake says that Vancouver has "playoff fever". I wonder if Mats Sundin has caught it yet?
  • TSN's Gord Miller points out that Viktor Kozlov has never played on a team that has won a playoff series. Kozlov is 0-6 in playoff series.
  • The Rangers' penalty kill is a passive box. My advice for John Tortorella? Send out a second goaltender. Your defence isn't doing a damned thing to stop Washington.
  • Just in case people are wondering, Dan Bylsma coached the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins to the AHL Calder Cup Championship series last season. Stop talking about him like he just walked in off the street, ok?
  • Alexander Ovechkin was using another player's helmet for almost one minute. His helmet was knocked off, so he grabbed a helmet from one of the Capitals. Weird.
  • Philadelphia must be going through some serious "déja vu" because the Penguins are dominating that game.
  • I'm pretty sure that Theodore has no idea what that leather thing is on his right hand. Maybe Boudreau should get him another blocker?
  • TSN just flashed on the screen that Redden has an assist in tonight's game. I had no clue he had booked the arena for his magic tour. Redden is the NHL's David Blaine.
  • Did they replace the Mellon Arena with a woodshed? Flyers are getting spanked.
  • Henrik Lundqvist is unconscious in the net. If it weren't for him, the Capitals may lead by 20 or 30 goals. Easily.
  • Who'da thunk that the New York Rangers Henrik Lundqvist would win Game One of the Rangers-Capitals series?
  • Philly seems to think that the Broad Street Bullies are back. Alberts with a hard slash, and then Parent with a hit from behind. Sideshow Scott was sent to the dressing room.
  • Coburn and Guerin hug each other passionately. That wasn't a fight.
  • New York has defeated Washington by a 4-3 score.
  • Pittsburgh has defeated Philadelphia by a 4-1 score.
  • New Jersey has defeated Carolina by a 4-1 score.
Alright, that was fun. But I'm still not joining Twitter, Facebook, MySpace or any other site like that. If you want to yap about my comments, leave me a comment and I will respond! I always love a good discussion.

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!


Sage Confucius said...

Facebook isn't that bad. I have been able to reconnect with friends all over the place with it. Of course, I don't spend my entire day there checking to see what everyone else is doing. As far as Twitter...I have no idea what is so appealing about it. I ventured over there once to see what all the articles I kept seeing were talking about. It's not much. I don't blame you for not wanting to be involved. Mostly they are both a waste of time.

I'm hoping the Wings find some defense tonight. If not this could be a very ugly post season for them.

adr said...

Favorite video about Twitter seen here: