Monday, 18 January 2010

End His Career

This is a plea from myself to Gilles Courteau, Commissioner of the QMJHL. My plea is simple: despite being a proud Canadian, I do not want to see a player who has worn the iconic red-and-white do something so blatently stupid and disgustingly vicious. I am, of course, talking about Patrice Cormier's sickening elbow thrown on Mikael Tam of the Quebec Remparts.

If you haven't seen the video, brace yourself. This one makes me ill.

If Michael Liambis' OHL career could be ended for his vicious hit on a player, this is one hit that should end Cormier's career with extreme prejudice. Cormier has developed a reputation for using his elbows to incapacitate players since the game against Sweden in the World Junior Championship exhibition games.

That's absolutely disgusting. And Cormier should pay for his lack of judgment by removing him from any scenario where he can throw an elbow.

Godspeed to Mikael Tam. I'm hoping he recovers with no lasting effects of a sickening display of stupidity.

Do the right thing, Mr. Courteau: end Patrice Cormier's junior career.

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!


Peter K said...

That was least you made an argument why the Otters' kid made the hit (IIRC: you said something to the effect that the kid had it in his mind to play hard and if he went soft he would have heard it from his coach...correct me if I am too far off from your quote), that was just wrong...

On a lighter note:

With your extensive and encyclopedic knowledge of hockey, have you ever thought of authoring an anthology or chronicle of hockey (like one of those large size coffee table books of baseball that go year by year or team by team with some classic pictures)?

I haven't found a good one of those yet...

Teebz said...

You paraphrased correctly. :o)

I haven't given a book any thought at all, Peter. As much as it would be cool to publish something like that, I have neither the time nor enough knowledge in my view to warrant a book.

I do appreciate the compliment, Peter, and I thank you for reading!

Captain Canuck said...

the thing about minor league hockey though, is that if he is suspended from the OHL today, New Jersey will have him in the AHL tomorrow.

Teebz said...

That's not entirely true, CC.

David Andrews can review the suspension handed down by other leagues and make a ruling for his league. He did it with Steve Downie, and he can do it here.

The tail, in this case, does not wag the dog.

Anonymous said...

Holy God! I've never seen someone convulse like that.

I can't believe he's getting chippy and jawing with the ref while the other kid is sitting there with an obviously serious head injury.

Glad to hear that Tam is out of the hospital...and not dead or seriously incapacitated. But I hope that him getting lucky that the result wasn't worse doesn't make things go any easier as far as punishment. He could have killed that kid.

JTH said...

That is truly frightening.

By the way, I'm watching Hawks/Sens and the text poll question is "How long should Patrice Cormier be suspended?"

30% say lifetime ban, 46% say rest of season.