Friday, 22 January 2010

Made It!

It's now official: I'm in Minneapolis. The long trek was an enjoyable one, if not entertaining. Inclement weather is being forecast for the entire weekend, and we caught the edge of that system as we arrived. However, you won't hear me complain about rain and temperatures above freezing in mid-January around these parts. Normally, I see that kind of weather in March at the absolute earliest, not January. So here I am, in Minneapolis, with gorgeous weather behind me, and a storm system moving in ahead of me. Sounds like a fun weekend, doesn't it?

First off, many thanks to those of you who have sent in submissions for naming Mr. McClelland's skate guards. I will compile all the names come Monday and send them off to Mr. McClelland for him to look over. There have been a number of good suggestions, so if you have a name suggestion, please send it to me here.

I'm off to catch some pond hockey today before hanging out with the UniWatch crowd at Grumpy's in downtown Minneapolis. I'll try to have pictures and updates tomorrow, but being that I'm on a whirlwind tour of the Twin Cities, I may have a short update. That's probably not what you want to hear, but it is what it is.

I'll do what I can to bring you more action tomorrow!

Until then, keep your sticks on the ice!

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