Thursday, 7 January 2010

Schremp Vs. Hossa

Rob Schremp, he of YouTube shootout fame, decided to put himself back on the hockey map by scoring a goal in an unusual way a couple of nights ago. However, Schremp's style of scoring goals was already done by another this year: Marian Hossa. Today, HBIC wants to show both goals to determine which one was a better mid-air, baseball-swing goal. Of course, comments are certainly welcome on this topic, so let's go to the videos.

First, Rob Schemp, Islanders vs. Colorado Avalanche:

At first this goal was waved off by the referee. However, review of the goal showed nothing wrong Schremp's unique approach to scoring, and it was awarded to the Islanders.

Marian Hossa's goal, however, looked a lot like Schremp's goal, only it was more of a golf chipshot than a true baseball swing:
Hossa hit it from a knee-high location as opposed to a chest-level swing.

Which one is better? Which one required more skill? Personally, Hossa was skating forward at the time, so it requires a little more timing and luck to tap the pass forward out of mid-air and then swing and score. However, that's just me.

Two beauty goals this season, and I'm hoping for more.

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!


JTH said...

Hossa -- no doubt about it.

1) As you already pointed out, he was skating forward at the time. Plus, it was a cross-ice pass from Sharp, not a rebound, so that made it a little prettier.
2) You don't have to look at those awful Avalanche alt jerseys in the Hossa clip. Road whites: Lightning vs. Islanders is pretty much a draw but the Hawks' reds vs. those Avalanche alt blues? No contest.

No, I am not the least bit biased.

Captain Canuck said...

Hossa's goal was more impressive, and harder to accomplish. While skating away from the net to drop the puck and hit it a foot of the ice.... a lot harder than being stationary and taking a baseball swing.
Although both goals rocked.

True to NHL standards, a completely useless referee less than 4 feet away blindly waves off Schremp's goal without even looking at the play. Nice. Way to get yourself some TV time.

Unknown said...

not from this year but i preferred Getzky's in LA.

the stick around for the replay, the angle is better (noteL crappy quality video)

Anonymous said...

Hossa was moving, reached back for the puck to put it in front of him was off balance on the outside edge of his skate, may harder than standing still, but both are great.