Friday, 1 January 2010

Fenway Classic

Is there any better way to spend New Year's Day as a hockey fan than watching the Bridgestone Winter Classic on TV? Ok, maybe being there would be better, but I'm not complaining. Today, the 2010 edition of the Winter Classic had its fair share of drama and intrigue, and this game marked the second time in the last three years that we needed extra time to determine a winner. I'm not going to do a full recap because there are lots of sites out there doing that very thing. Instead, here are a collection of images from today's game that have some significance.

Another great day for the NHL, and a good game was broadcast to the world. A 2-1 overtime win isn't anything to get excited about, but it was the setting that made it all the better. The fact that they needed extra time only made the day more special. Congratulations to the NHL on having another successful Winter Classic!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!


mtjaws said...

Pretty entertaining game. I was glad to see the home team (fans) not only get a goal, but also the win. I was hoping to hear a foghorn for those!

Those Boston coaches looked even better than Wings' coaches, and even better than the Bruins' yellow jerseys. Those jackets and hats were perfect.

It takes something special for me to turn away from college football, but this does it for me. I still flip, but this is a great alternative. Even when it isn't teams I like.

Someday my Panthers will play in, or even host, this awesome event. I hope to be there.

my blog said...

Sorry mtjaws but the classic will likely never involve the Florida Panthers.
As for the game it was pretty tame affair until the last 5 minutes and OT.
Enjoyed the first ever scrap at the winter classic, just ashamed it took 3 games to happen.
Can we stop with all the baseball fields??
One of the reasons the first winter classic was so spectacular was the NFL venue gave everyone in the house a decent sight-line.