Friday, 8 April 2011

Friday's Collection Of Stuff

I've been piling up a ton of stuff on my laptop that needs to be removed before the end of the term. Today seems like a good day for that, so I'm going to start pulling off images and stories and what-not off this laptop and posting it here. Some of this stuff may interest you while some of it may not. That's normal when going through other people's stuff. It's almost like a garage sale or a thrift shop where you can pick and choose through all sorts of stuff. Again, some of it you may find useful while other stuff can be categorized as "garbage". As they say, one man's trash is another's treasure, right? Let's get this going before I ramble on any further.

  • Two-time Stanley Cup champion Adam Foote has announced that he will finish out this season and then ride off into the sunset as he retires from the game. Foote played in the NHL for 19 years since the age of 20 when he suited up for the Quebec Nordiques before moving with the team to Denver as part of the Colorado Avalanche. He was a member of the two-time Stanley Cup-winning Colorado Avalanche and a member of the 2002 gold medal-winning Canadian team at the Salt Lake City Olympics. In 1154 NHL games, the Toronto native scored 66 goals and added 242 helpers. If you add in the 170 NHL playoff games, he totaled 73 goals and 277 assists over his 19 seasons. Good luck in retirement, Mr. Foote!
  • Speaking of thrift stores, I was wandering through one the other day in my quest to find old hockey books to fill my summer with, and I happened across this "beauty" in the "uniforms" section of the store. If you're wondering what it is, that, readers, is a Starter-made Detroit Red Wings fashion jersey, complete with Red Wings logo on the sleeve. It's all sublimated to make the colours transition from red to white, but it's hardly something that I would consider "fashionable". Especially when you realize that the front and the back look exactly the same aside from the sublimated colours being opposite. I have a hard time believing that someone bought that. If anyone wants this, let me know. I may also go back and buy it just to offer it up as a prize in the HBIC Playoff Pool. If you want it, send me an email!
  • I know I talked about this a while back, but here are a couple of pictures showing off Rob Niedermayer's name misspelled on his Buffalo Sabres uniforms. Ironically, "misspell" is one of the most commonly misspelled words in the English language.
  • I spoke about Niklas Backstrom's insane record against the Edmonton Oilers last week. The Oilers and Wild met for the final time this season in Edmonton tonight. Backstrom's record won't change because he was watching from the bench. Jose Theodore got the call for the Wild, allowing the Oilers to escape his domination. It didn't really matter, though, since the Wild and Theodore swept the season series against the Oilers with a 3-1 win.
  • The Oilers will officially end the season as the worst team in the NHL for the second straight season. Because of this, they have the best chance at winning the NHL Draft Lottery to earn the right to choose first overall in the upcoming NHL Entry Draft. Once that happens, they will officially be mathematically-eliminated from the 2012 NHL postseason. And so continues the "rebuild".
  • I'm not sure how far the drive is from San Jose, California to New Orleans, Louisiana, but it's always nice to the San Jose Sharks celebrating an event that they have no business celebrating. Those jerseys are the Sharks' Mardi Gras jerseys. Mardi Gras is apparently a big deal in northern California, especially in the Latin-named city of San Jose. Who needs the French when you have Sharks?
  • I can't remember when I grabbed this photo of the Brandon Wheat Kings' throwback jersey, but I glance at it once per week. I love the old-time look of it. More teams need to bring back more simplistic designs. It just feels right.
That's all I have for today, kids. Again, if you want that ridiculous Starter fashion jersey, fire me an email. If it's still there, I'll grab it. I think it was priced at the incredible price of $6.99, so, with postage, it may cost me $10. If there are multiple people who email me, it will go into the HBIC Playoff Pool shwag bag where one lucky person can pick it up after gazing into his or her crystal ball.

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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