Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Test Of Character

I began exams today with a kick at the Accounting bucket. My brain is somewhat fried from all the studying that I've been doing and from watching hockey, and it appears that there might be a few teams that will be fried after watching all the insanity pile up. Four Game Sevens are taking place this year - the most since 1995 in the opening round! If there is ever a test of character and nerves, a Game Seven has to be it. Between the pressure and knowing that one mistake can end your playoff life, there is nothing in sports like a Game Seven in hockey. And it's a large reason why I love hockey!

Thanks to TSN's Top 10, we have a collection of magical Game Seven endings to watch. I remember a lot of these, including the Pat Lafontaine marathon-ending goal! Take a look and see how many you remember.

Speaking of memorable Game Seven games, I will always remember where I was when the Islanders knocked off the Penguins in 1993 on a David Volek overtime goal. Kevin Stevens would never be the same player after he broke his face on the ice. Here are the highlights from that game.
If you care to know, I was standing in front of an electronics store in West Edmonton Mall when Volek scored. And I didn't move for about ten minutes as the jubilant Islanders knocked off the top-seeded Penguins to end the two-time Stanley Cup champions' run towards a three-peat. Personally, this was one of Tom Barrasso's worst games as a Penguin, and I'm not sure why Ken Wregget wasn't put in the net after that long Benoit Hogue goal from outside the offensive zone.

There is some Game Seven magic, kids. Tomorrow, the opening round ends, and we'll see who is still standing after the chips fall into place. For those of you entered in the HBIC Playoff Pool, points will be updated on Thursday for all to see!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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