Sunday, 26 June 2011

Hockey Literacy List

The HBIC summer project is in full swing as I'm nearly finished the first book I want to get through over these next few months. I wanted to post a list of the books that I would like to tackle this summer that are already sitting on my bookshelf, as well as adding a few books of personal interest and a few books I still need to acquire if there is sufficient time to tackle them. Again, the reviews of these books will happen weekly on Wednesdays, so Teebz's Book Club will grow quite a bit over the summer. If you want to suggest a book, please leave the title and author's name in the comments! I'm always open to suggestions of good books, so please check the drop-down list to the right to see if I have already read through those books!

Here are, in no particular order, the list of books that I will be tackling over the summer in order to be more well-read when it comes to hockey literature.

  • Hockey Dad written by Bob McKenzie.
  • Undergrounders written by David Skuy.
  • Playing Overtime written by Ted Barris.
  • The Boys of Saturday Night written by Scott Young.
  • Don Cherry's Hockey Stories Part 2 written by Don Cherry and Al Strachan.
  • Eddie Shore and that Old Time Hockey written by C. Michael Hiam.
  • The Power of Two written by Susan Foster with Carl Brewer.
  • Money Players written by Bruce Dowbiggin.
  • Legendary Stanley Cup Stories written by Leslie McFarlane.
  • Patrick Roy written by Michel Roy.
  • Gretzky's Tears written by Stephen Brunt.
  • Stop It There, Back It Up! written by Howie Meeker and Dave Hodge.
Of the personal interest side, I want to tackle a few books that have nothing to do with hockey at all. These are simply books that friends and family have recommended or books that have piqued my interest as I was looking for hockey books at the bookstore.
  • Street Gang: The Complete History of Sesame Street written by Michael Davis.
  • When Elephants Weep written by Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson and Susan McCarthy.
  • The Colossal Failure of Common Sense written by G. Lawrence McDonald.
  • A Short History of Nearly Everything written by Bill Brisson.
  • Lies My Teacher Told Me written by James W. Loewen.
Of course, there are some books I'd like to add to my hockey literature collection, and I'll keep my eyes peeled for these books if they go on sale over the summer.
  • The Game written by Ken Dryden.
  • Playing With Fire written by Theoren Fleury.
  • The Red Machine written by Lawrence Martin.
  • Open Net written by George Plimpton.
Clearly, I have a lot of reading to do. The good news is that Hockey Dad will be ready for Wednesday, so make sure you tune in for that review. I'm very impressed with Bob McKenzie's efforts thus far, and I have a few chapters to go. Overall, I'm looking forward to tackling all the books from the first list as soon as I can! If you are interested in any of the books from the second list, please email me and I'll let you know if/when I read them and shoot you my own personal review. I'm off to read some more today, so take care!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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