Sunday, 12 June 2011

Passion Part II: Casting Canuck-leheads

While the first version of "The Passion of a Canuck-lehead" was an interesting look at Greg Diamond's love for the Canucks as documented by Noah Stacey, it appears that the casting for the sequel may already be underway. There's no plot or story that I've seen yet aside from the unbridled love of the Vancouver Canucks, but a few interesting stories have emerged from the Left Coast city that have fans showing off their talents. Some of these fans have talents that are a little risqué and possibly R-rated while others are bringing the sci-fi element into play. Best of all? There may be a big-name Hollywood actress who can take on a leading role in this next film!

We'll start with the CBC story filed by Belle Puri. Two young ladies, fair-haired Haley McLeish and the singular-named "Hailey", decided to take their passion for the Canucks to a whole new level while helping out with a great cause. Here are Haley and "Hailey" in their brand-new Canucks tops. If you were examining the picture closely, you've probably noticed that the two women are wearing body-painted Canucks jerseys!

The make-up work was done by a Vancouver-based company called Glitter Machine. The artists who painted the two women into their Canuck-themed outfits were Jennifer Little and Lee Kembel. Jennifer is very experienced in the make-up industry as she "has 10 years in the industry, with experience in weddings, fashion shows, TV & film, photoshoots, competitions, on call with CTV and instructing at Blanche Macdonald Center." Lee is the photographer and designer, and his "work includes digital, graphic & web design, automotive airbrushing and illustration". You can watch their designs come to life - excuse the pun - over on the CBC website! I think the sequel may have found their make-up crew!

What makes Haley's and Hailey's story so great is that they committed to having their pictures taken for donations to the Sound Function Benevolent Crew. The money being raised for this cause is going to help the people living in Shugasee & Dungu in Northern Ghana build a well so that they have clean drinking water. HBIC gives a big thumbs-up to Haley and Hailey for their efforts to help this organization!

We have make-up, so let's move onto costuming. While Vancouver Canucks jerseys are going to be vitally important, there may be opportunities for other costumes to be interjected into the story. What if Michael Bay were to direct the story? You'd probably get to see some Canucks merchandise hanging off Transformers. Who knew that Optimus Prime was a Canucks fan? And what buildings would be destroyed in Vancouver if Bay was directing? Thank goodness for CGI!

Need a name to attach to the poster for the sequel? Look no further than admitted Canucks fan Kim Cattrall! Cattrall was born in Liverpool, England, but she and her parents immigrated to Canada where they took up residence in Vancouver. The 54 year-old never played the game of hockey, but she acquired the love of hockey through friends.

"I remember going to a Vancouver Canucks game in 1973 and they were playing the Rangers in New York and I bought a ticket with one of my girlfriends, who had never been to a hockey game before," Cattrall recalled to writer Derek Jory. "All game I was telling her exactly what was going on and I remember cheering for the Canucks and the looks that I got from the New Yorkers, I was just so terrified they were going to kill me, I really had to put a muff on it. I was cheering for my home team, but you don’t do that in New York City, you only cheer for the teams in New York."

How cool is that? While there may be Hollywood names and faces at Los Angeles Kings games or New York Rangers games, it's always nice to see a big-name Hollywood star cheering for her home team at a game!

And just for fun, maybe we could work a cameo appearance in from another famous athlete? Check out the Canucks fan who was visiting Boston to see his Canucks play.

If you haven't heard, Vancouver's Manny Malhotra is Steve Nash's brother-in-law, so that's a pretty cool connection as well.

Game Six goes tomorrow night in Boston. The Stanley Cup will be in the house. Does it get presented tonight to the Canucks, or will it travel across the country for a Wednesday unveiling in Vancouver? What's your call, readers?

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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