Friday, 17 June 2011

Historical Images And Funny Videos

There's always something great about old images and film when you discover something that tickles you pink. The funny thing is that old pictures and video used film to make it happen rather doing everything digitally, so it has certain characteristics that you just wouldn't find in today's digital media. What I like are some of the old historical hockey images that we find in black-and-white because they just feel like they came from the stone age of hockey. Today's entry is nothing more than a view of some black-and-white images along with a great video from the 1970s. The video isn't in black-and-white, but it's pretty funny. Enjoy!

I have to admit that I lurk on Shorpy's site a lot. I'm not a photographer by any stretch of the imagination, but I am fascinated by black-and-white photography and, specifically, old hockey and architectural images. Uni Watch dug up this awesome photo on Shorpy's today of the "Arcade Hockey Club" in Washington, DC from Janaury 22, 1926! The first roller hockey team recorded on film, perhaps? However, there is another image that I found of the same club in what appears to be practice gear from January 15, 1926. How cool is that?

I found a great image of the legendary Bobby Hull putting up a protest in a game. From the way it appears, the Black Hawks and the Canadiens are playing, and it appears that the Canadiens player who is standing in front of the referee may be Maurice Richard! It would mean that this picture was taken between 1957 and 1960 as those three seasons were the only seasons that those two men played against one another. What a great photo!

I was searching for some information about old ice resurfacers and the story behind the Zamboni, and I came across a couple of awesome items. First, the full story about how Frank Zamboni created the Zamboni machine is amazing, and consider that the machine was almost called the "Paramount"! Secondly, check out this old ice resurfacing machine from the Detroit Olympia! Not bad for a farm boy from Idaho who dropped out of school in Grade Nine to help on the farm, eh?

Lastly, another beauty from Uni Watch as we take a look at a funny video from SCTV, a comedy sketch show produced in Canada. It's a pretty funny look at the "Toronto Bay Leaves" and one player in particular who seems to have some trouble with people pronouncing his name correctly.

There are a few updates for today. Remember, the HBIC summer project begins on Monday, so we'll get started on that in the new week. I'm also accepting any sort of writing that you would like to scribe on hockey, so get those over to me as well! If you have have suggestions or story ideas, send those to me as well!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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