Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Hockey Star Suffers Wipeout

I'll be honest when I say that occasionally I find myself glued to the TV while watching something other than hockey. One of those shows that scratches where I itch sometimes is Wipeout mainly because I enjoy watching people attempt to do things they normally cannot and should not do. Whether it be failing on the big balls or taking a solid shot to the melon on "sucker punch", I find myself chuckling at the misfortune of these people who try to defeat the obstacle course. I know - I'm a little deranged.

When Wipeout Canada announced that they were going to do an all-athlete episode, my interest piqued. It was announced that female Canadian hockey star Tessa Bonhomme would be one of the featured athletes, and this, of course, made me flip through the TV Guide with great interest.

It took me a while to find it posted online, but here is the full episode of Wipeout Canada featuring the athletes. I have posted the times below where you can watch Tessa Bonhomme, but the entire episode is pretty entertaining. I warn you, though: 44 minutes of your life may pass if you watch the video from start to end. Here is Episode Four of Wipeout Canada, featuring athletes vs. the obstacle course!

  • Tessa makes her first appearance at 6:08. She does the pre-race interview and trash-talks like a real pro!
  • Tessa starts her run at 6:53, and she absolutely demolishes the course. Rolling the logs? Check. Taking a punch? Check. Big balls? No problem for the gold medalist. She completes the obstacle course in an amazing 1:41.87. WOW!
  • Cam Conner, a former Canadien and Oiler, makes his appearance at 12:28. He does the pre-race interview with his hands full (pun intended). Cam's run through the obstacle course ends with him all wet, and it doesn't appear the 1979 Stanley Cup Champion will advance.
  • Tessa advances to the sweeper round at 18:09. She's one of twelve remaining athletes after posting an impressive obstacle course time.
  • 22:58 sees Tessa finally eliminated from the sweeper round. She finishes fourth out of the twelve athletes, and she will advance to the next round of competition. 23:49 sees Tessa win the Motrin Wickedest Wipeout on the sweeper after her unceremonious dismount from the sweeper platforms. Congratulations, Tessa... I think?
  • The third round is the dizzy dummy round, and it starts at 24:23. Tessa cruises through the dizzy dummy challenge on the first attempt at 25:57, and she'll get another opportunity to advance to the Wipeout Zone.
  • The cylinder run will be a little more difficult, and it begins at 27:03. Tessa hangs back while watching everyone else mess up, and it pays off as she tears across the cylinders at 27:45 to qualify for the last elimination challenge of the dizzy dummy round.
  • 28:50 sees the last elimination challenge kick off, and three athletes will advance to the Wipeout Zone if they can survive. 29:47 sees the run for Tessa end as she cannot stay on her feet, allowing three other athletes to advance (a cross-country skier, a bull rider, and a fencer).
This episode originally aired on April 24, 2011, but it took forever to find it posted online. Honestly, I love watching people compete on Wipeout purely out of entertainment. It's fun, it's physical, and it's worth a cringe or two when someone wipes out in a big way. Tessa Bonhomme may not have won, but she proved that she is one of Canada's best athletes, and she can definitely take a hit!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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We have Wipeout in the UK as well, well sort of, it's a UK show but filmed in Argentina!!

Gotta admit it is good to watch people get smashed about sometimes.