Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Losing Rip

There's not a lot I want to say here aside from the obvious. I found out about Rypien's passing on Monday evening at 8:25pm after I received a text message from a friend who works in the Jets organization. The former Moose and Canuck player had recently signed a contract with the Jets, and he was one of the names I seriously was considering if and when I acquire a new Jets jersey. Rick Rypien was only 27. He left us far too early.

I met him a couple of times through the Moose, and he always seemed to be looking for the next kid who wanted his autograph. He loved the fans, and the fans certainly took to "Ripper" as a member of the Moose. While he may have worn a smile when he was in the public's eye, it seems there were some serious demons he was battling. His leaves of absence from the Canucks showed that he was battling, much like he did in NHL games, and it seemed he may have turned a corner when he returned to the Moose last season for a Calder Cup Playoff run.

I'm going to miss Rick Rypien for his play on the ice and his smile off of it. Hopefully this incident will go a long way in bringing to light some of the problems that our sports idols face behind the scenes. Rick Rypien was a great man, a loved teammate, and a superb human being. It's just too bad that he was human because there's a big hole left behind now that he's gone.

Rest in peace, Rick Rypien. The rink in heaven is getting a true all-star when it comes to being everything that a hockey player should be.

Until next time, raise your sticks in Mr. Rypien's memory!

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