Saturday, 20 August 2011

Like He'd Ever Work There

With hockey season approaching, parents who are buying school supplies will soon turn to sporting good stores to outfit their children in hockey gear once again. Adults who are playing hockey will join them in the quest for the latest and greatest, so it's no surprise that sporting good stores in Canada are starting their push in selling all the new gear. Sticks, skates, pads, helmets, undershirts - all of it has to be considered when suiting up the next Sidney Crosby.

Which brings me to Sport Chek and Sidney Crosby. They have a deal to help distribute Sidney Crosby's line of gear under the SC87 name, and the new commercial is all about SC87's other potential names. Check it out.

Now that's all fine and dandy in terms of Sidney Crosby hawking his wares, but does anyone truly believe Sidney Crosby would be stocking shelves unless he owned the store?

Of course, this is the latest commercial in what has been a string of commercials that started last year. I'll run them down in order of appearance on TV.

I don't know whether Sport Chek or SC87 have had any sort of mutual benefit from Crosby's commercials, but there have been other businesses that have used Sidney Crosby for commericials. Like Dempster's Bread, for example.

Clearly, there are benefits to having one of hockey's current stars selling and using your product. I'm just not convinced, however, that Crosby would ever take a job at Sport Chek after earning millions in the NHL. The entertainment value is high, but I think the joke has run its course.

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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