Thursday, 12 July 2012

Canada Day Elsewhere

I've never really considered looking into Canada Day in other parts of the world because, well, Canada Day is Canada's thing. However, there are many Canadians living many corners of the world that certainly celebrate Canada's birthday, and they deserve a little recognition as well. Canadians are, of course, known for many things - beer, hockey, donuts, bacon - but we take this hockey thing pretty seriously thanks to all the cold and snow we seem to experience year after year. Even with Canadians living in places where hockey is not prevalent and not seeing winters as frigid and cold as they normally did in Canada, hockey is still alive and well thanks to these patriotic souls!

I received an email from a former Toronto citizen named Scott C. Scott currently lives in London, England, and he wrote, "Thought you might like to see this little video I made of Canada Day celebrations in London, England, 2012. In it Stephen Harper tells everyone to cheer for Canada's athletes at the Olympic Games.

"Tons of street hockey played in Trafalgar Square."

Of course, the idea of street hockey being played in one of London's most famous landmarks is a pretty cool idea. Here is Scott's video. Keep your eyes peeled for all sorts of Canadiana.
Pretty cool, right? Who knew that London was the site of the largest Canada Day celebration outside of Canada's borders? I think the celebration of Canada Day in the middle of London is awesome! Well done on the video, Scott, and keep up the excellent patriotism! Thanks for sending that to me!

So who won the hockey games? If any of the participants are reading this, hit me up in the comments! I'd love to hear your story! Canada, unfortunately, will not be sending its field hockey teams to London to compete in the Olympics, but we'll be there in 2014 in Sochi for the ice hockey event! Go Canada, and bring home a pile of medals from London!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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Anonymous said...

You can just catch a hint of the booing before the editors cut it out of the video at the 0:43 second mark:

p.s. This is why Harper dare not show his mug at the Olympics. Afraid of being boo'ed:

I #DenounceHarper because his video'd speech for Canada Day was BOOED IN TRAFALGAR SQUARE, LONDON!! By 10,000 people! Take a hint fridgeboy