Monday, 30 July 2012

Pre-Celebrity Hockey

Sometimes, it's pretty interesting to see people as kids enjoying sport just for the fun of it. While athletes are paid to do what they do, other people certainly can still enjoy the sport for fun, and today we get a glimpse into the life of one Canadian rocker who was a pretty solid little hockey player. Recognize the lady in the middle of the sledge hockey players? That's musician Avril Lavigne, and she was a pretty good little hockey player! So how does one go from peewee hockey star to famous musician?

Lavigne played alongside the boys as a younger player, but also laced up the skates for Napanee District High School with the girls' team. She was a star right winger with the Atom 10-year-old team in Napanee where she earned MVP honors twice in two years for her team.

She was also a scrappy player, not shying away from the rough stuff. Avril told ESPN reporter Jared Zwerling, "I also remember getting into fights with the goalies and hearing cheers from the moms [in the stands] because I was the only girl. Whenever I’d get punched by a guy, I’d always punch back. The gloves came off!"

So while the pop-punk star is now a global name due to her work on the stage, HBIC is proud to present a video of the feisty Lavigne while she was still on skates. I don't know who is yelling off-camera, but it's clear that Lavigne had some strong support in the crowd.
Did you catch Avril throwing a punch at the goaltender in the opening few seconds? It looks like she may have been a terror on the ice!

All in all, it's good to remember that deep within our roots, no matter how rich and famous some of us are lucky to be, sports is always an important part of shaping a quality individual. While hockey has its share of bad stories, seeing something fun and innocent like Avril on skates is certainly a good way to start the week.

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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TedNes said...

Ah, good drive from Avril, but it sounds like her parents may have been some of 'those' hockey parents......