Saturday, 14 July 2012

Finnish Office Space

I could write about the offer made by the NHL in the opening salvo for CBA harmony, but I'd rather talk about one of hockey's nicest guys. It was debated if last season would be the last for Teemu Selanne, and today he confirmed that he will return for one more year with the Anaheim Ducks. Granted, I was holding out hope he'd finish his career in Winnipeg, but signing with the Ducks for another season is pretty good too. Especially when you factor in 4.5 million Washingtons.

What made his return better, though, was the video posted by the Anaheim Ducks to announce Selanne's return. If you've followed his career, you know that Selanne has a great sense of humor, and that was put on display in the following video.
While I immediately chuckled at this video, it brought back memories of the movie Office Space. All Teemu needs is Gary Cole giving him crap about his missing TPS reports, and this video would rank as one of the best ever made by a hockey team. Even without Gary Cole, Teemu's a pretty good actor, and this is one great video.

I'm happy to see Teemu Selanne return to the NHL this season. He is truly one of the nicest men in the game, and he loves to play the game. Had he retired, I would have wished him nothing but the best. But the fact that he's coming back makes me excited for the upcoming season.

Someone get him a red Swingline stapler!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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