Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Change Is Not Necessary

I've been using Photobucket for a long time with little problem. They have hosted all of the images I use here on Hockey Blog In Canada, and I am proud to say that they have yet to fail in terms of a service that goes down. While it's to be expected that websites and services will occasionally implement changes to the way they do things, Photobucket stayed pretty true to its original hosting service while making their changes. However, like so many other services, they appear to be forcing users to change to their new look and format with little regard for the simplicity and ease of use they had before, and I'm not overly happy with this decision.

Overall, no one is going to notice a change from this blog's perspective because the front-facing side of Photobucket remains the same. It's the uploading portion that has thrown me for a loop over the last couple of days with the photos of musicians as the site continues to try to decide where my photos should go despite me wanting them in a specific album. This, as you may be aware, is a complete pain in my rear because the links get all messed up, and I have to waste time moving stuff around when I was already at the spot I wished them to go.

The new layout of Photobucket is nice, and I'm not saying that the site wasn't due for an update in terms of color scheme and layout. Heck, I'm always considering changes for HBIC in order to keep things fresh and new for my readers. However, the basics will not change on this blog - menus on the side without much clutter and advertising will always be an HBIC trademark - and, in saying this, the basic functionality of Photobucket should have remained the same as well. Now that it has changed, it's maddeningly frustrating.

Anyway, if you're here looking for photos of musicians in hockey jerseys, I'll have more up by tomorrow once I get all of these photo misplacements fixed. I apologize for this, but the placeholders and thank-yous are already up on the site. My thanks to all who have sent in photos thus far, and please continue to do so if you find more! I'll work through this hosting issue, and we'll be back in business again.

Thanks for being patient with me.

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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JeffB said...

I cannot believe Photobucket chose to make such sweeping changes to their website that is filled with bugs and quirks at a time they should have just stood pat with all the users of Webshots looking for a new home. Their timing could not have been worse.

And speaking of worse, this idiotic idea that they will choose to sort your photos based on the time they were taken, and not when they were uploaded, is beyond comprehension. Does any other hosting service on this planet sort by other then when they were uploaded by default? Stupid, stupid, stupid.

We clearly feel your pain.