Saturday, 9 March 2013

What Was Worn Tonight

There were some different looks shown off in the NHL today as three teams went in three different directions with their uniform choices. I will say that one was great, one was so-so, and I absolutely hate the third uniform of these three teams. Frankly, it's amazing how many different uniforms NHL teams use in a season when you factor in the special warm-up uniforms they wear, but I'm not doing their accounting or dry-cleaning. Here were the three different uniforms for three different reasons seen in the NHL today!

The Carolina Hurricanes came out in the camouflage warm-up uniforms to honor the military. Personally, I'm really sick of seeing teams wearing camouflage to honour the military. Call me a traitor or unpatriotic or whatever, but this whole camouflage sensation that all the major sports leagues participate in has made it worthless now. Once in a while would have been great, but it seems we see camouflage uniforms weekly at this point for all 52 weeks.

The New York Islanders warmed up today in their St. Patrick's Day-themed uniforms, and these get a pass. They aren't overly impressive, but I like the little shamrock on the shoulder. The NHL needs more green, so I'm hopeful that some team will still bring back a green jersey, but we'll continue to wait at this time. If the Islanders would just lose that horrific black alternate uniform, though, the world would be returning to a sensible state.

The Los Angeles Kings donned their throwback uniforms for tonight's game against the Calgary Flames as they honoured Kelly Hrudey for all his accomplishments as a member of the Kings organization. I happen to love this look, and I wish that Los Angeles would wear these uniforms more often. While I get that the black-white-and-silver probably won't be going away anytime soon with that Stanley Cup celebration last season, the purple-and-gold is downright gorgeous in high-definition. This is a look that the Kings need to embrace more often for television.

Three non-regular uniforms worn by three different teams for three different reasons. It's not often that the NHL sees that many different uniforms on one night, but it happened tonight!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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