Monday, 18 March 2013

Would You Trade Him?

There's no denying that Ryan Miller is fast becoming a polarizing figure in the sports world. He speaks his mind, and that will ruffle feathers when those words are pointed at his own teammates. He's frustrated with the play of his team, and perhaps his own play, this season as the Sabres are stuck near the cellar of the Eastern Conference. In short, the Sabres' netminder is not having very much fun this year.

The latest fracture in the Sabres comes courtesy of Miller speaking his mind in regards to Patrick Kaleta's comments about being a healthy scratch after serving his suspension. No NHL player, especially veteran players, enjoys being a healthy scratch, so it was to be expected that Kaleta would be unhappy. Miller, though, would have none of Kaleta's complaining.

I'm not sure if Miller is working his way towards an eventual goal of being traded, but you have to think that Miller's latest comments won't sit well in the dressing room with Kaleta. The fact that Miller stated that he'd walk over and tell that to Kaleta shows that Miller is frustrated with the ongoing drama surrounding this team at a time when wins and losses matter a whole lot more.

If you're the Buffalo Sabres, though, what do you do? Miller is still a high-quality goaltender who can play an extremely high level. His trade value would be decent despite his struggles this season. As stated above, Miller has a point in terms of players needing to keep their mouths shut and doing their jobs. But is this really something you can say in the manner in which he said it?

Therefore, the question must be asked since it appears that the Buffalo Sabres will not be participating in the postseason this year: do you trade Ryan Miller, or do you keep him despite his outspokenness?

Let me know in the comments, folks. Personally, I firmly believe a strong goaltender is your most important player, but sometimes you have to part ways when his off-ice demeanor outweighs his play on the ice. Tim Thomas would be an example of this. Hit me with your thoughts, readers. I'm interested to see what you think.

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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Peter Santellan said...

It's clear that the Sabres need to think about identifying guys that can lead the team into the future. Problem in goal is that who do you give it to if Miller gets traded. Enroth hasn't played enough to warrant a fair assessment, and there's no telling who could be viewed as a potential successor beyond him.