Friday, 9 January 2015

Since You Have Tim Hortons Now...

The Arizona Coyotes, coming off a pasting at the hands of the St. Louis Blues, appeared to be a good team for the Jets to start this road trip with as they try to keep the injured bodies from increasing. The Jets did get Zach Bogosian back in the lineup last night, but the end result was that it made little difference as the Coyotes took it to the Jets, winning 4-1. The Coyotes appeared to be relaxed and calm as the Jets began the night with two straight penalties and two straight power-play goals given up before the game was even five minutes old. That prompted me to go searching for some info for today's article, but I found something entirely different that I am appreciating more and more as I watch the video.

You're probably aware that I'm a fan of Jared Keeso's and Nathan Dales' Letterkenny Problems considering how I wrote an article about it here on HBIC. Thanks to HuffPo linking me in their story, that article has nearly 10,000 views. Much appreciation, HuffPo. There's one part, though, where Jared's character laments on how crappy Buffalo is due to the fact that they have no all-dressed potato chips, and it relates entirely to today's find. I also noticed that has this linked today, so I'll stick-tap them and @Steve_Dangle for the find as well since they beat me to the punch.

Keith Yandle and Connor Murphy play for the Arizona Coyotes, and they are American-born NHL players. That means they've never had the experience of all-dressed chips, ketchup chips, Smarties, Coffee Crisp, or a Big Turk in their lives. In fact, they probably have never had Red Rose tea, a Crispy Crunch chocolate bar, and or discovered a Kinder Surprise. Heck, some of you reading this might not know that all of that stuff is exclusively Canadian while standing on North American soil, so the Arizona Coyotes' Lindsey Smith sat down with the two American-born players to discuss Canadian snack foods as they all sampled some of Canada's finest snacks.
Keith Yandle is a big fan of all-dressed chips while Connor Murphy was aware of and is a fan of ketchup chips. Neither, it seems, liked Coffee Crisp or Big Turk, but I will say that American chocolate and Canadian chocolate also tastes different, having travelled between the two countries. That could also be a factor in them not liking the Canadian chocolate bars. Yandle's comment on how the Big Turk reminded him of a box of chocolates and biting into the one cherry-filled chocolate made me laugh.

Unlike the Arizona power-play - 3-for-4 against the Jets - Canadian food goes 2-for-4 in the eyes of two Arizona Coyotes. If we really want to be technical, chocolate bars were oh-for-two while the potato chips were perfect in their approval attempts. If you want to see how other Americans react to Canadian snack foods, here's a great video from BuzzFeed showing Americans trying some uniquely Canadian snacks. Enjoy!

We might have to get Columbus to do this on The Hockey Show. In fact, we're going to do this on the next episode. Social experiments are fun! You're going to want to tune in next week for sure!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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